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  1. Just got the car tuned on Ethanol, flex fuel map. I noticed that on my tablet dashboard the Ethanol sensor reads 0 for 12s before starting to read the real ethanol content in the fuel line. All other sensor (ECT, Fuel pressure, etc) reads instant when I put the key to ON. It's the Cobb sensor (think it's GM) wire on a DI input. I've not made a lot of test, but my guess is that the car will be very hard to start on higher ethanol content unless I wait 12s to crank it. Is that a normal behavior? Is there any setting that could help?
  2. In case someone is looking, switching to the HOA / Pierburg at 30Hz helped a lot, my Grimmspeed was probably getting old. I also added a little restrictor in that area in red (picture bellow), which helped give me way more resolution as well. I ended up with something like this: 5% 28psi 10%, 29psi 15%, 29.6psi 20%, 30psi 25%, 31psi 30%, 33psi 35%, 35psi I also tested the simpler setup that only push air on the lower port, worked pretty good also, but the recommended setup should get more flexibility to hold boost at high RPM. Good ref article: https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/boost-control-systems-explained-part-3
  3. I'm currently rewiring the EWG like suggested in the help file with a T fitting, full boost on the bottom port and using a solenoid to control boost on the top port. Turbo is connected on port 1, top port on port 2 and port 3 as an air filter on it. It's a grimmspeed 3 port (mac) and it's setup to 33hz. Just running open loop for now to get the data in before tuning in closed loop. I'm using a 10.15 psi springs setup, which net me around 27 psi MAP (13 psi boost). 0, 5, 10 and 15% duty cycle net me same boost level. At 20% I get up to 30-31 psi (15-16 psi boost) and at 25% it's boost creeping and hitting the map protection at 40 psi (25 psi boost). Car is tune in flex fuel, running around 15 psi on pump and will probably (not tune yet) run 20-22 psi on 70% ethanol. So would like to have the maximum resolution possible between 15 and 22 psi. Looks like it's way too sensible for now. Is that typical with these value? I'm a bit short on time and tuning this in the street is a bit time consuming, so looking for some pointer on what to try next. Reduce spring rate? Could my solenoid be broken (it's probably 10 years old)? I have another solenoid (Pierburg) I can swap to do some test as well. tx in advance
  4. Quick feedback that the latest firmware seem to fix the issue in my case. tx
  5. Quick feedback that the problem I had with the USB connection seems to be fixed with this update. Using a Surface Go 2 tablet with a USB-C connector. It was freezing under load before in hard pull.
  6. Do you recommend doing the base timing adjustment using the trigger calibration method on an EJ257 engine or we can simply use the default setting?
  7. Currently trying to setup this on my ECU. Using Can 1, which is already connected to my AEM Uego lambda gauge and working. I've setup it to 500kbit. I have the bus end resistor near the Uego gauge and the OBD2 connector is in the middle of the bus. OBD2 reader is OBDLink MX+, which support the ISO 15765 at 500kbit. The reader can't seem to connect to the ECU. I've tried reducing speed to 250 without any success. The reader seems to be able to detect the protocol used, but then look for vehicle identification and return an error after that. Did all the tests with the car not running but key on. Any ideas on how diagnose this further and find what is going on? Attaching a pictures in case someone see something (yellow is can high and blue is can low)
  8. SimonSTI

    Normalised knock

    Sharing my first result and asking a few questions on this feature. To give a bit of context car is a Subaru STI 2.35 engine, high compression 9.5:1, session done on pump 94 octane + 1 can of octane booster. Car was running super rich as I'm adjusting fueling after a lambda sensor swap. I used the recommended features in this thread as a starting point. (knock threshold at 2.0) Looks like cylinder 4 is knocking between 5000 and 6000 rpm quite often and cylinder 2 once in while. Between 2.5 and 3.0. Dash knock lite (turbo XS model) is not showing knock or I didn't notice, but I usually see it. My guess is that it's moderate knock event considering timing, rpm and fuel. Can someone confirm based on their experience if these knock level are moderate or high? Here is one example: Second question, on this track we use second gear in a slow corner. I get a RPM rate of around 1300 rpm per sec. in this corner. 3rd gear is more around 800 rpm per sec. What RPM delta should I target? Between 2 and 3 gear acceleration at around 1000 rpm or should I go higher to include 2nd gear like 1500? link to my map and log file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlShENwUdCOZgqxjBJqtFBGtWua5wA?e=dOyoX7
  9. SimonSTI

    Normalised knock

    Is there some documentation on that new feature with some guideline on how to set it up? I've read the updated help file and look at all the table, but still not 100% clear to me how to set it up properly. Do you have to setup the knock threshold table when using this mode?
  10. Nice list of upgrade! It's funny I just disable the fuel overrun after hours of investigation on why my blip on downshift did not work, works like a charm now, but I'll be able to enable it again with this update. Will have to wait until spring to test that out, it's winter here.
  11. Here is the logic I used, seem to work. 25s on cold start, 5s on hot restart.
  12. Can I use A8 and A11 as general output (most likely to trigger relay) ?? I don't have TGV, just want to make sure since they seemed to be linked together somehow seeing note in A9 and A10.
  13. I'm about to wire a new AEM uego sensor and I've seen a lot of recommendation to delay it's start, especially when the engine is cold to avoid thermal shock on the sensor. Would be really easy to wire on a relay controlled by the ECU. Just checking if some have done it? What would be the logic, something like 20sec. delay if ECT under 50 degrees?
  14. I have a 5 electric devices that would benefit from ECU control in the trunk. I'd like to have 1 can bus wire and a controller to simplify the wiring and avoid to much modification to the OEM wiring to scavange all output required to do so. I found this which should probably work: https://www.lingenfelter.com/product/L460370000.html#.X6LLjlBOlhE Any recommendation on other options? Anything similar for managing input and multi position switch?
  15. Average knock level to help adjust gain between cylinder.
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