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  1. Has anyone got the T1 cam trigger working successfully with a g4x ecu ? I want to switch to coil on plug and the T1 trigger seems like the easiest way to do it with off the shelf parts that require minimum wiring. Found a thread on here and people were reporting issues so was wondering if anyone had settings that worked and got the engine running ? Another option I have is to run a rywire style cam sensor and a separate oem crank sensor off an em1 civic but would rather avoid this if possible unless it has any advantages over the T1 trigger which controls both cam and crank ? Will also be using oem k20 coils so looking for the relevant dwell times and other information required to get these working best they can. Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jed
  2. Thanks I was hoping that would be the case. Whats needed for me to have an EGT sensor set up for logging through ECU can it be wired in directly to the expansion loom or do I need a controller to go with it like the wideband ?
  3. In the process of turbocharging the b18c engine in my dc2 and want to run knock control for tuning and safety. Can I replace the stock sensor with a Bosch one, change the plug and use the existing loom or do I need to buy the expansion loom and wire it in myself ? Will 1 sensor in the stock location be sufficient or would 2 sensors be better still ? Will be running 9.0:1 comp on UK pump fuel 99ron with gtx3576 turbo if that makes a difference. thanks Jed
  4. No I meant greater than my understanding of it was it would filter out any quick increases in throttle and the Accel enrichment that goes with it. Could be wrong though will have another look later I managed to get it populating more cells by increasing area of zone to 50%
  5. I would also like to know what people have had good results with I currently have TPS greater than 20 units per second transient filter with a minimum of 10 samples on my g4x and can't really get it to fill many cells on the histogram. Unsure if it's because of the settings or if my driving technique that needs work.
  6. I manged to sort the problem using the advice in this thread and deleting the app data
  7. As title really I updated the PClink software this morning now when Im trying to set up the data logging I select the colour for the parameter in the time plot I want but it doesn't seem to save this change and automatically goes back to default. Am I missing something ? was working fine yesterday only since the update Ive started to have issues. Hopefully an easy fix, look forward to getting any suggestions. thanks Jed
  8. Was hoping someone could have a look at this log and put my mind at rest or have a solution. As you will see at high rpm and 100% throttle the AFR is jumping Reading 0.00 then going very lean like 17/18 Im in two minds if this is problem or just because its hitting the rev limiter ? Hopefully its the later and nothing to worry about but any input would be great Cheers Jed 3rd gear pull.llgx
  9. I added another ground point and they seem to be within 0.1 of each other now. Also getting ECU fault code 16 an 17 for an volt 3 high and low values I have these set as 0.5v and 4.0v so I don't understand what happening there. Apart from that everything seems to be going smoothly now even got closed loop working
  10. Would it be best to ground the wideband controller to pin D13 on the ECU ? The wideband display has its own ground so could stay connected to the cigarette lighter. I've had the engine running for more than 5 minutes only thing I noticed was it hunted at idle. Should the idle speed controll solenoid table need adjust ?
  11. Should probably have mentioned I tried settings up closed loop with the parameters in the help page of the software and was under the impression it would automatically adjust to 14.7:1 ?but nothing happened so I think another parameter might be stopping it from working. Wideband uses cigarette lighter live and ground would prefer to keep it this way and alter using calibration table if possible.
  12. Trying to get my car running closed loop but cant seem to manage was hoping someone could take a look at these logs and the tune and make some suggestions. Got my wideband connected to the ecu but the display reads slightly out from the laptop, it was suggested on facebook to adjust the calibration table using a known afr from the sensor warm up cycle I tried this and its still out slightly. Any help would be appreciated, Im using a LD performance wideband it that helps at all. thanks Jed Tune.pclx 95.llgx 96.llgx
  13. Ah well I suppose that explains the rev counter issue then. And it's good to know about the cam trigger it had been suggested to me I might need to add more resistors or shielded wire to stop the noise of the cam trigger. With regards to my ignition base timing question do you think it would be worth resetting using the trigger offset in the ECU instead of rotating the distributor ? Found a couple of posts on here suggesting its the way to do things
  14. Been doing some reading and looking at my tune the base timing was set using the default -85 trigger offset value and adjusting the distributor to match the 16 degree mark on the stock pulley at idle. Found Somone on this forum saying it's best to leave the distributor near the middle and adjust offset from the ECU until 16 degrees timing is achieved then adjusting the delay value until it's consistent throughout the rev rage ?
  15. Hello everyone im having some trouble getting my link ecu to work properly with the standard ignition system. It runs fine on the stock ecu with no fault codes but on the link logged engine speed is all over the place at full throttle and getting trigger errors plus the rev counter takes a fit at the rev limit. Ignition control module is new and was fine on standard ecu. Any ideas what i should be trying next ive attached the log i got this morning after rebuilding the dizzy with a different set of sensors. Im properly stuck now so any advice would be appreciated, car is a 96 spec obd2a Integra dc2 type R with b18c ive noticed the obd2b cars have one less wire for the rev counter think my next move will be to remove that incase its interfering with the signal from the ecu. Cheers Jed H new dizzy.llgx
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