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  1. Here is my wiring plan. Link Thunder to ABS.pdf
  2. We just bit the bullet with this and on my ABS unit, 1986, the following was found with a multi-meter at the Bosch ABS loom plug at the unit itself; Front Left red pin #4, earthed Front Left red pin #6, not earthed Front Right green pin #21, earthed Front Right green pin #11, not earthed Rear Left white pin #9, earthed Rear Left white pin #8, not earthed Rear Right yellow pin #26, earthed Rear Right yellow pin #24, not earthed. So, I have run wires from Plug 'C' pins DI 11+, DI 12+, DI 13+ and DI 14+ to ABS pins 6, 11, 8, and 24 and DI 11-, DI
  3. Got it! What I was missing was the second level in the tree under Trigger 2? 20 years as a computer tech and get tripped over by a folder tree!
  4. Well Adam, I'd love to "Set up like my picture" but I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've got 'Trigger Setup' and 'Trigger 1' exactly the same but 'Trigger 2' I only have the option for 'Cam Type" Off or 4 different camshaft selections? I'm looking in 'Configuration', 'ECU Settings'? I don't have the G4+ Thunder connected. [My motor is a V8 4 cams with the hall sensor on the rh exhaust cam and a reluctor on the crankshaft 60-2]
  5. Thanks Adam but my 'Trigger 2' is fir VVT? and I can't see how to change it. Under VVT I have selected 'Off' but it is still there as trigger 2?
  6. Working my way through the PCLink setup, What 'Trigger' parameters should I have? It is default to Ford BA XR6? My engine uses Hall sensor on the rh exhaust cam and a reluctance type crank sensor, 60 minus 2 I think??
  7. ok, only one last issue to resolve and I'm all wired up, engine at least. I set the Thunder software to be DI 6, cruise on. DI 7, cruise cancel/off. DI 8 cruise resume. I then went to the cruise stalk with my multi-meter to see which wires did what and here's what I found; Black was 12v input, so I planned for it to be earthed, so Link can switch low. So working from this point I checked for continuity with the other 3 wires. In the rest state, Black and Brown are 'common' or connected, this becomes open circuit when the lever is moved to 'Cancel'. Connection is made w
  8. Oh, finally I think I get it!!! Even though there is no green wire on the Bosch plug to the O2 unit, I must never-the-less still run a green wire from the loom plug back to the ECU. This will then connect to the resistor in the plug. The grey wire, I run to 12 volt ignition power source. Thanks for your patience Adam! For the life I couldn't see why one would connect a wire to an empty pin socket.
  9. Thanks Adam. How does the Thunder ECU get the MES signal when my LSU 4.9 O2 sensor has no pin 5 wire? Bosch have that hole in the plug blanked off!
  10. I have assigned DI 6 to cruise on, DI 7 to cruise off and DI 8 to cruise resume?? My next dilemma is the Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 sensors. In my Link G4+ Thunder Gick Start Guide it lists the following; MES sensor green pin 5 RE sensor black pin 6 Heater sensor white pin 3 IPE sensor yellow pin 2 APE sensor red pin 1 ie no pin 4 grey? On my actual O2 sensor Bosch part #0 258 017 025, I have no green wire to pin 5? the plug blanks out this pin? but I downloaded the spec sheet from Bosch for this exact part # and it lists all 6 wires. Any advice would gratefu
  11. Hi Adam, Can you tell me if, On the cruise, does 'yellow is set DI' mean connect it to a digital input? Thus another DI for each of the others? So Link just cancels via brake input?
  12. I think I will actually power the SSR from the PDM on a 7.5 amp point with a 10 amp wire and loop the next door 7.5 amp in to feed it 15 amps. There are plenty of 7.5 amp points. On the cruise, does 'yellow is set DI' mean connect it to a digital input? Thus another DI for each of the others? So Link just cancels via brake input?
  13. Here are my mods. I've run a fresh supply for the E-throttles as the PDM has few outputs over 7.5 amp. Also the schematic for the cruise switch. Link E-throttle layout.pdf cruise circuit.docx
  14. OK Adam, I can do that. I can supply their voltage from an ignition source through 2 solid state relays? Or can one relay feed thhe both? 10 amp should cover them should it not? The cruise switch schematic is as I've drawn it. I copied it from the factory diagram. It has 4 wires black one is from the ignition and the other 3 go to the control module. Control module wires go to constant 12v, speedo, earth and bulb check unit and 2 to the actuator, which is vacuum controlled on this model and aren't very good. The column stalk has 3 operation positions; forward = set/accelerate, down =
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