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  1. Seams its working now. No errors the last two weeks of driving. Best Regards
  2. Another log from a short drive, seams everything is in order now, Idle ignition control activated with default settings with RPM lockout set to 1100rpm Best Regards, Fredrik Log 20-07-20 10;19;34 pm.llg
  3. Here is a logfile when we adjused TDC, Ignition Idle contol is disabled and lambda sensor is freshly calibrated and tested. Any ideas why the idle is jumping on AFR 14,80? gets stable when i add more fuel, trottle body wrongly adjusted? Had to compress the log file as it was 25mb Best regards, Fredrik TDC Config-Log 20-07-20 9;27;06 pm.rar
  4. Are you talking about the harmonic damper? If so i had it checked when i was assembling the engine and it was fine, its a 2.8L damper from the M52B28, I think you are referring to the M20, they had really weak dampers and I have experienced the issue myself I might have a log file but if not ill try to do some logging to see if the problem occur again. Best Regards.
  5. Hi Everyone. I am experiencing some trouble with my ignition setup on my M50B29 Vanos engine with Link G4 with V4.10.2 firmware from 2014. Background: The car was initially built in 2011 with a M50B28 non vanos engine with pretty sporty cat cams and have been working fine until I totally rebuilt the engine to a hybrid M50B29 with a vanos unit mounted on an non vanos head to get 7mm valve shafts. head also have dual intake cams from M54 and M50, M54 on intake and M50 on exhaust. This to make the engine a little more calm on low revs. I experienced some troubles with the previous set
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