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  1. Either way, the clock is ticking, Me and my children are moving to NZ, and building a product US Export Restricted.
  2. US Dollars Works great here 90 percent of the time, Has Homeland Security Flaw, they can control it, or Feds, or Sherrif's. Either way, no use to me if I can't run it live 100 percent, I thought about putting it in a farad cage, but I'm just not that happy that it is flawable, It's probably because of my security clearance bullshit, that I want nothing to do with. F'EM
  3. Just refund this piece of crap
  4. Works just great, except for the wireless control that I'm not in control of it. I Spent a thousand, give me 600 and it's yours
  5. I know your compiler for your G4+ is written in a different language, I don't see your G4x Code and Compiler to be secure, I have watch someone remotely control my ECU. I don't appreciate the harassment and want to trade or get my money back. Very Unsecure, Almost Killed Me. I also know it was a government device. Refund Please.
  6. Hi, wonderful team of knowledge. I got my COP valve cover installed finally, minus powder coating. I noticed in my log, that as acceleration forces reverse, I'm getting a dwell dropping from about 4 to 3.5-3.9, So as acceleration is maxing, the fuel is like plus 2 minus 1. RPM 4089 Example, 625cc 638cc 4v Dwell Battery V 14.2 Actual PW 5.967 DT .761 , Acceleration Decreasing Changing My Bat V becomes 13.6 dwell 3.9 is 610cc, RPM 3969, Actual PW 6.249 DT .980, And Then Acceleration Choking a bit, until dwell hits 3.8, then acceleration starts again, 626cc DT .986 Actual PW 6.262 RPM 4087,
  7. I understand that. Thanks,is it possible to erase files to maintain the simple space.
  8. Yeah maybe, I see something else, but anyway, Vaughan, are you the programming guy and if so can be a little inquisitive, I havent dug into your stuff at all, but I like what I see. Is this straight c ?. I'm interested to know what the compiler is? PS the original settings are as you posted, now I have them trigger to the fuel pump
  9. Thanks, I did a check with at 300 and 450 kpa. Mechanical Guage and Voltage all lined up, I would show you a picture, but can't upload a file. Max total size: 307.95 kB The AFR GTR Map is updated to my image. Thanks Crash Coursing. I really appreciate everything you and your team are doing, really keeps the depression away.
  10. Cold Start Went Well. I did have to adjust charge table, I knew that was coming, On a second note, I noticed that I ac clutch was turning on. Will check circuit before we get into it. But I had to disable clutch DI to stop it from running, relay keep activating, then deactivating. May a cross in the harness, personally never seen snow in September. Then had voltage drop across the whole system. Obviously something crossed in alternator charge circuit. The harness is stock. Will put a volt meter on it to check it all out. Maybe I should just old school and get away from el
  11. Max total size: 307.95 kB Last Post Restrictions Second to last I uploaded that short video 2.1 or something like that. Third to last I uploaded 4.5mb of data.
  12. Yeah, I'm a script cmd script junkie, I run a shell free environment, Its rooted to c:/linkecu/pclink G4x/ . But I don't think it has ever worked. I'm assuming by that statement, you have a hard linked location, for a symbol, give me twenty mins, I'll do a fresh install. And leave default paths. It was shell root need, it executed fine with a "root called" in either location, mine or your default, my computer is set to load your program at startup no shell. I will work the root into startup. Thanks for your time. Any verdict on the original request on the log, it probably somethi
  13. What kind of servers do you use.
  14. Fuel pressure Sensor. ACDelco 13500745 It is supposed to be a 100psi sensor. I got the info from a post, I should have bought a Bosch, for I have the spec book for Bosch Product line, I have a live fuel gauge on the line, Sensor: ACDelco #13500745, 0-100psi HPTuners PID Config. Volts/.0371 + (-13)The threads in the sensor are parallel, but the correct pitch. Just run a 1/8 NPT tap in them until it bottoms out and you'll be able to thread in a pipe nipple.Pin 1: VoutPin 2: GroundPin 3: +5vdc
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