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  1. essb00

    g4+ resolution

    It is an issue with Windows scaling... Change it to 100%, it will look ok. Nothing can be done within PCLink to correct that.
  2. essb00

    16v 4age with ITB

    MRP used to have a patch harness for 4A-GE 16V listed in their webpage (I almost got that one, but I opted to do full wire-in instead). Maybe if you get in touch with them, they'd still be able to get you one. Edit: They still have the 16V patch harness (select on drop down) packaged with AtomX (they seem to have old pictures of G4+, but I think they're G4X -- better confirm with them). https://www.mrpltd.co.nz/product/4age-link-atom-ii-g4-patch-harness/ ...though I suggest you get a MonsoonX instead of AtomX. The built-in MAP sensor and additional aux in/out of the MonsoonX are wel
  3. Sorry, I got it mixed up in my head with other Toyotas... 3S-GE has got main & sub TPS... You can just use VTA, or you can use both VTA & VTA2 (you'll then need two analog inputs).
  4. For TPS, you'll have to leave the IDL wire not connected (as it is not needed). You can have the TPS closed/open positions calibrated, and TPS lockout set on idle control settings.
  5. essb00

    LinkG4X 300ZX

    You connected the USB cable from ECU to Android unit directly? It won't work in G4X (no serial stream). You need to have it connected via USB to CAN adapter. https://forums.linkecu.com/topic/8637-introducing-realdash-a-dashboard-app-for-android-windows/page/9/#comments
  6. essb00

    Warning Message

    It is an issue with Windows scaling... Change it to 100%, it will look ok.
  7. Your idle overshoots because of too high PID values. Try the following (in the screenshot). *You also need to change the Idle Speed Control Max Clamp (you may need this a little bit higher) & Min Clamp (you may need this lower) accordingly. The idle base position values should be adjusted when AC off.
  8. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. If nothing is selected onto DI4, does Pin 6 default to being knock input? I can't seem to find in Knock Setup how to select knock input.
  10. What's your Torque Reduction/Introduction Time and Ignition Retard? You can smoothen it out by playing with those two.
  11. According to wiring diagram, knock sensor input for MonsoonX (version 3 and newer) is shared with DI4 at Pin 6... I have not tried to connect mine yet though. @Adamw Since knock input is shared with DI4 on Pin 6, would it be possible to use DI4 & knock input at the same time? I am currently using DI4 (active state low), so am am assuming knock signal would then be 'grounded' - which then says I cannot use both at the same time. Pls confirm.
  12. Yes, you can use that. There's really nothing electronic inside of it. Just a solenoid coil - which is ECU controlled by pulse width modulation.
  13. Since you're on open loop idle speed control, it is just depending on your idle base position table. It probably starts with the help of the startup offset table but when it has decayed, it will only have the idle base position which is too low to sustain cold idle. Try to add the values on your startup offset table to your idle base position table. You could also try to change it to closed loop, set "idle actuator"---> "integral gain" to around 0.5."
  14. essb00

    No Start Again

    Take out cyl#1 COP & spark plug, then wrap a wire around the spark plug threads with one end of the wire connected to ground. Put the timing light pickup on the wire.
  15. essb00

    No Start Again

    It should be set "Always On"... When set to "Off", "Engine Kill" (100% fuel and ignition cut) is applied. Thus, no start.
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