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  1. When turning the ECU power off, getting the following error in PCLink 6.19.65. Connection error: 1019 LINK_NOT_RESPONDING_CORRECTLY Not really affecting any functions, but quite annoying that I have to clear it every time I turn the engine on.
  2. essb00

    No connection

    The status of the 'unknown USB device' does not change whenever I plug in/out the USB from the ECU... I've also have tried the procedure on the article you have provided on the link, and it didn't help either.
  3. essb00

    No connection

    I guess it is not just about the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' not showing in Device Manager... I also don't get any device plug-in notification sound whenever I connect the USB cable from the ECU. So having to manually add the COM port does not help either. The option to enable/disable 'Ports' is no longer available in UEFI only BIOS. *Hidden devices shown on screenshot.
  4. essb00

    No connection

    I seem to be having the same problem with my new laptop... My old laptop and my wife's laptop both work fine. *Screenshot is from my new laptop's device manager. 'Ports (COM & LPT)' does not show (ECU is connected to USB).
  5. Here, the alternator is disconnected (running solely on battery power) - there is no noticeable voltage dip but still having that hiccup though less noticeable as the RPM is higher.
  6. On this attached time plot, the battery voltage suddenly dipped and the injector duty cycle momentarily followed suit. The MAP increased as the engine speed dropped. I tried to change the connection of the wire main relay supplying power for the ECU & related ancillaries (injectors/igniter/ignition coil/IACV/lambda controller) but it still has the hiccup. The voltage from the distribution block does not seem to dip as such. I also have tried your recommendation to temporarily remove the Mallory Hyfire 6EZL and just use the stock ignition coil --- still having the hiccups only when AC
  7. I finally got to capture the idle hiccups whenever aircon is on. If you'd notice on the log, the injector duty cycle suddenly dips right after the batt voltage dips. There are no recorded trigger error(s). Any more ideas @Adamw? Thanks. PC Datalog - 2020-10-20 7;57;38 pm Hiccups.llgx
  8. Thanks... That's why.... I have now turned off IAT Fuel Correction.
  9. Good day, It seems that the recommendation -4% per 10°C rise from 20°C is too much as IAT temp in city traffic of tropical regions easily shoots upwards of 70°C. My VE table getting more than 100 even at partial throttle, and CLL keeps getting max clamp not reaching target AFR. What values should I instead use in IAT fuel trim table? Temp9.zip
  10. I have wired headlight switch and AC blowers switch as ELS (electrical load switch) to GP Idle Offset in Idle Speed Control. Now idle does not dip anymore after throttle is released. Test8.pclx
  11. Confirmed, it was the AC switch. I had it fixed, now AC request is stable. I had some more fine adjustments, idle seems to be stable now both AC on & off. Only thing though is while driving, the idle dips after throttle release <-- this I need to log. Test7.pclx PC Datalog - 2020-10-4 2;52;36 pm.llgx
  12. Oh... I guess something is wrong with my AC switch. That's why I thought I heard the relay clicking... Thanks. I'll be having to sort that switch out, otherwise change it.
  13. Hi... I've logged this morning on (not too) cold start. It had a little idle hunt after start then went stable. When AC was turned on also a bit of hunting then went stable. I adjusted the Idle Actuator startup hold time & startup decay time - it seems to solve the idle hunt from after starting. I also fine adjusted some parameters (ISC Control TPS lockout to 2%), and transient ignition retard down to just -5 for 500 to 1000rpm - as the idle dips too much before responding to throttle press. I guess this will do for now, and I think I can now do some street tune. Thanks!
  14. I'll try it. I'll log tomorrow morning. Thanks.
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