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  1. Hi Link Team, Is it possible to add a 4D table to increase IC duty Cycle % ? I have just setup a 20L spray tank in my Evo 6 with the factory nozzles and have 1 on oil cooler, 1 on radiator and 2 on intercooler. i would like to be able to increase the Duty cycle if any of the temps (oil/water/intake) go up beyond a threshold, i just cant figure out a way to do it ? Cooler events in winter are not going to need as much water to evaporate as in a 40deg summer rally so just trying to figure out a way to cover all scenarios Thanks Beth.
  2. Worked perfectly all day at a rally at 0.7 D. boost was spot on all day One less thing to stress about thanks Adam.
  3. I managed to get a quick run in today up to some speed under load with all the logging turned on that was suggested still overshot a little at derivative at 0.5 but certainly lots better ECU Log 2020-10-8 1;09;57 pm.llgx
  4. Thanks that makes more sense. Ill try with the just a little more derivative first. Beth.
  5. Thanks Adam have turned all on for the rally in 2 weeks to get some more data. Its very frustrating as i cant replicate on tarmac or on the Dyno it hits target every time. (and no dirt roads in sydney any more) I have increased the derivative slightly to 0.5 so see it it makes a little difference. Beth.
  6. Thanks Adam, was fine on dyno , and it's its a bit hard to drive a rally stage with a laptop in the car, if there is something you recommend for logging to ecu to be turned on ?
  7. sorry Logs attached to first post.
  8. Hi Link team, finally got a proper speed full forest test in and looking for suggestions on boost settings on closed loop, looks like still overrunning by 10-15 Kpa, Turbo has a very aggressive spool and will hit peak boost at 3500rpm. Its not knocking when overboosting from what i can tell but would still like to get at the 250kpa more constantly. Thanks. beth Evo 6 260920.pclx
  9. thanks Adam that did it, i clearly didn't need that much gain as well a setting of 1 looked to be ok, Ill do an event to collect some data to see if needs to be on at all, but probably wouldn't hurt to set some high numbers to protect if a get a bad batch of fuel or something else playing up. thanks Again
  10. thanks Adam, blonde moment... i read the logic the other way around
  11. Hay Link team i am going through the setup for knock setup so i can get some data, but i suspect my factory knock sensor is dead as its plugged in and is connected to the correct pin although i am not getting any signal at all in any of the runtime values when free revving, which leads me to suspect the sensor. If i can get the setup checked just in case i have missed anything. Thanks.
  12. This is my evo 6.5 RS gravel rally car now running Link G4x plug in and XMS 1.2 display. It has all the usual rally mods, - fully built motor - hewland dog box - Kaaz and cusco diffs all round - mca gold suspension - AP brakes A few more things planned now it has a decent ECU in it install was very easy with no surprises.
  13. there is no linear oil pressure sensor, it is just a on/off to the dash, you will need to run a remote line to a sensor off the filter housing (dont hardmount) or a sensor on the turbo feed line.
  14. i probably should recheck my wiring to it, may just have been marginal as well..
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