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  1. I'm all good on that front mate, my mapper is golden.
  2. Brilliant thank you, I'll do that. Although I won't be touching the mapping it's nice to understand some basics. Also interested in what options others are using
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm looking at having some mapping work done in the next few weeks. I'm looking at what switchable options people are using, by this I mean Anti-Lag, Launch, low boost map etc etc Many Thanks Sorry if its a silly question.
  4. Dave Clark

    Push To Start

    Forgive my lack technical knowledge and this seem like a stupid question............. Is it possible to add a 'Push To Start' button direct to the LINK G4+ to start the car, or do I simply wire the button into my ignition system? Thanks in advance.
  5. Has this fix been extensively tested and can confirm this a 100% successful resolution?
  6. RMA? It's a known issue they've been working on, unfortunately I'm not yet able to confirm if this fix has worked...........
  7. Dave Clark

    No connection

    The Link G4x doesn't like the latest version of windows either........ended up using an old laptop to connect to the ECU. I've commented on another post as it seems as it's after the latest software release.......Not had any luck connecting to the new laptop yet, but waiting to see what's happening with the ECU fix first so hopefully this will be sorted pretty soon for a PNP system.
  8. Thanks for the update, I've sent a screen shot of this to the retailer I purchased from as we're currently on our 2nd ECU
  9. This is quite comprehensive thank you, however this pulsing never occurred until the LINK G4+ was fitted so there is either something that the LINK doesn't like, but as it's not a previous reported problem I'm guess there's a conflict between the LINK and the Clifford Alarm. It's the pulsing and not a constant supply seems odd though..........Time for an auto electrician I think
  10. I'm not having much luck with this at all, but for now I will sit patiently and wait..........But this is not ideal.
  11. I've been able to connect an old laptop to the G4x but new now with latest version of windows won't entertain the connection........Will try the above to see if we can make a connection.
  12. Bit of a random one, but my cooling fan pulses when I turn my ignition off.........even if eng temp is hot or cold. It stops when I arm the Clifford Alarm but I'm just curious if this is ECU related as it never happened on the standard ECU. Evo 6 Thanks in Advance
  13. Yeah seen this too mate, quite reassuring to know I'm not the only one having the issue.
  14. Has anyone had a successful resolution to this problem??
  15. Really odd but when I turn my ignition on it seems to trigger a backfire through the intake, and sometimes it's quite extreme (loud)......Doesn't do it al the time but fair to say it's at least 80% of the time.
  16. I know this might be a daft question, but what are the the options when it comes to switching via the steering wheel buttons. I'll have 6 buttons of which 2 will be ALS & Launch. Many Thanks
  17. Looking at the options for switching the ALS & Launch on my Evo with the G4+ I've got a detachable steering wheel and fancy having buttons on the wheel instead of in the dash, so my question is will the switching options available with the G4+ work with something like the summit raptor wireless steering wheel button system? Or will I be better going with a wired set-up? Thanks in advance
  18. Thank you, I'm assuming it's not been updated to this version as it was purchased before that date. We'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  19. Good Afternoon, Firstly I'll introduce myself & my cars. I'm Dave and a total Link ECU novice. I'm running an Evo 6 fitted with a Link G4+ and it's an awesome set-up. I didn't map it myself but used a specialist and I can't be happier, My son has got a WRX V7 with a Link G4x, problem is it just won't start......Unless we unplug the cam sensor. The cam / crank sensors have been checked and swapped so this isn't the issue we're thinking. The jumpers are set in the WRX positions, and have read that if they're wrong the ECU won't power-up, but after looking at the G4+ can see this could have this effect so not sure what to make of it, other than to try it next time we go to the car and try again. The AC switch seems to do some mad things like stopping it start when turned on and the cam sensor is unplugged. Please forgive me if this has been asked before but I did a quick search. I've got no files to show but any help would be appreciated. Thank You
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