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  1. Hello.  I was checking the timing with the trigger offset at -90 degrees, but after setting the trigger offset to +360 degrees = 270 degrees, it started successfully. I don't know why I wasn't getting any FUEL at -90 degrees, but it's better now. I apologize for the trouble and inconvenience.
  2. アダムさん。 状況は少し変わりました。diコイルを引いて接続します。Ignテスト。 淡い火花→クランキング、かすかな火花、バッテリーで確認しますか?→バッテリーを充電します→プラグをエンジンとクランクに取り付けます。  点火オフセットをチェックして、点火タイミングを決定します。   クランキング、最初の爆発はなく、今では燃料が出ていないようです。 インジェクターテストは問題ありません。機能しているようです。燃料圧力はそこにあります。 そして再びクランキング、いくつかの爆発、しかしそれ以上はありません。 最初の爆発はテストからの燃料によって引き起こされたようです。 それから私はクランキングを続けますが、燃料はありません。 何が悪いのかわかりません。 地図とログをお送りします。 www.DeepL.com/Translator(無料版)で翻訳
  3. こんにちは。  トリガーホイールをマルチトゥース12パイルから24-1ミッシングトゥースに変更しました。 設定を変更しましたが、スパークがありません。 マルチトゥースマップと変更されたマップトリガースコープ 補正 24-1、マップは現在カムパルスx1に設定されています。
  4. Hello. I'm relieved. Thank you for everything.
  5. Hello, I've updated to the latest firmware, but when I open it I get an error message, which happens about once every three times.
  6. Hi, my laptop was in the same situation. Does the lenovo 42914bg support win10?  I'm writing this as a way to deal with the fact that 42194bg does not support win10. Restore 42194bg to the original windows (is it win7?). It's best to use the recovery disk for 42194bg. If you can revert back to the original win, you may be able to browse normally if you DL the g4x in the link. My Lenovo was in the same situation. I was able to view it when I recovered it. I think this is the quickest way to do it. I tried to put in drivers and so on in win10, but it did n
  7. keizsr

    Gear Detection

    Adam, we're done. Thank you very much for your time.
  8. keizsr

    Gear Detection

    Mr. Adam, you're right about the layout, it's been resolved. We couldn't detect the gears.  I'll send you the log. 11.llgx Adam, I'll send you a map, too. Maybe we're setting it up wrong? 9.pclx
  9. keizsr

    Gear Detection

    Thank you, Adam, as always. I'd like to ask you one more question. The new firmware doesn't take over the new pages I've been creating. Is there a way to take over the page when I update it?
  10. keizsr

    Gear Detection

    Hello, I'm getting an error in Gear Detection. Speed is being detected. Is there a problem with the eight-pulse sensor?
  11. dave Downloaded it, but it's still the same.  Maybe it's because you have win10 on a win7 model?
  12. Are you talking about intel? Intel is up to date with the latest updates. The hd3000 seems to be the last one on my laptop. There's a software company in the U.K. called intelx. I don't know if that's it.
  13. IntelX?   Where is it?
  14. adam lenovo g570 i5-2430m win10 upgrade from win7 to win10 hd graphic 3000 directx12 I'm not very good with computers. Let me know if you need anything else.
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