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  1. woodymf

    IAT -40

    Lesson learnt for me, completely my fault, id taken the expansion cable colours from the picture below, without realising, and they were different when i took the lid off, been chasing my own tail. thank you for all the comments. now to figure out Closed loop setting, also giving me the run around, the joys.
  2. woodymf

    IAT -40

    ill give it a go, whats your thoughts
  3. woodymf

    IAT -40

    not sure on ohms test, will check, plugged a new one in and it read the same -40 running a G4X in a v3-v4 subaru
  4. woodymf

    IAT -40

    running on temp 4 on expansion lead orange wire and ground from expansion lead green wire. getting a -40 ps trying to figure my closed Lambda atm also, cant seem to get it to read correctly if at all. ideas please
  5. woodymf


    Thank you Adam, sorry next one down? ive done this so far.
  6. woodymf


    Trying to set up toucan it says to set SW Cond 1 to Can DI but the widow only shows symbols, any ideas please.
  7. ECU Fault Code 8: Settings Overflow Error dont see this in the help file.
  8. woodymf

    Cant read Text

    Unable to read text behind Yes or No button
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