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  1. Great feedback on your testing and giving my theories a try. Your methods are very methodical and makes sense. My gt28r hybrid twins are coming in from BNR next week, and will attempt to run in in stock ecu with piggyback EManage blue. I have an enlarged ebv bypass pipe and will be having the ebv iron collectors ported to help with pushing the prespool to a higher point. If you are intending on using USDM twin turbos and are interested in the enlarged ebv pipe and aftermarket exhaust manifold that works for both usdm and jdm turbos, I recommend you contact Stu Hagen. You can pretty much
  2. Great breakdown of the setup for sequential. I have a few suggestions to see if you can improve upon your transition. I see the boost dip from map 27 psi to below 20 psi then back up to 27. That is a big drop and I believe you transitioned too low of rpm for the second turbos to spool up. In your ttc log, you don’t reach 27psi map till after your 3744rpm mark. I would like to see what your graph would look like if you move the sequential transition to start at 3900-4000 rpm and see if you still get that big of a drop in MAP during transition. I am curious because I am in the process of install
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