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  1. I recently found out that it may have been the fuel pump not priming 100% the pump clip was not in snug I found this out after inspecting the car more when I installed the G4+ I didn't think that it was the issue but it's definitely a possibility because the G4+ works fine. The ECU was a hit or miss when calibrating TPS I do remember that. Switching those wires around I believe was the main issue I was having so there may be a possibility that ECU does indeed work. If you send it back I'm willing to test it out again, I have yet to have the car tuned so it would be better to get this done befo
  2. Okay thank you. I figured I'm speaking with a tuner right now ill give you an update soon.
  3. So I tried putting the master fuel to 20ms it barely runs and idles around 300 and dies. Lowering it seems to be the only way it will run.
  4. Thanks for moving my post. In the mean time they did swap ECU's. Until they are ready I'm stuck with the G4+. The car has 370cc injectors. I have a scg-1 reading AFRS I moved it down to 5ms and that's where it idles around 14.1-14.4 it's not stable when on throttle though.
  5. Here is a link with map and log thankyou. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18n-XeNWYeWwlnkgfQAWxe9yTraqj2MZT?usp=sharing
  6. It's says the file size is exceeding 129.77 kB for my map.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The timing is at 15 now seems to run okay. The idle is really low it wont even go through the warm up enrichment process it idles around 700 rpms. The throttle response is also very slow. I've checked all the enrichment tables and rpm targets they all seem reasonable.
  8. It's running smoother now after I used a timing light. Are you supposed to check the timing with the light after you exit out of the window. Everytime I set the timing to 10.00 degrees and adjusted it while in the window it ran like crap and would die out but after exiting the window the timing would advance more and run better. I eventually had to start opening the window and changing the timing quick before it would die out. I pretty sure it's set now. Idk if my issue was because I was using a dial timing light?
  9. Okay so I started the car it idles super lumpy and doesn't really respond to throttle. Would you be able to give me the steps to setting the timing. The idle is quite low I'm thinking. I also checked my MAP sensor its reading nicely. Thank you again for your help. idle for a lil with intercooler on.llg
  10. Update! I was able to get it started I only let it run for a little while. Since then I setup all the intercooler piping just waiting on two couplers then I'll start it again and see how it run. I have the MAP tubing now and that should be good. I was going to hook up the SCG-1 fully with boost control but as of now only wideband is hooked up. Right now my priority is to get it moving to another parking lot down the road because I have people complaining about it. My question is will I be okay with running this thing for a short time just down the road? Also is a rimming light required to set
  11. I'm thinking the battery is possibly too low even though I've had it hooked up to a battery maintainer. Would it be fine trying to start with a jumper cable?
  12. So long story short they sent me a ECU that was working in one of their cars so that's what I got right now. When I try to start it just clicks once but nothing more. I got the TPS calibrated. The tube that runs out of the ECU was not long enough but I don't know if that's necessary to just start it or even crank tried anyways without it. Have a couple errors I attached thanks and sorry for the confusion and delay.
  13. Sorry for the delayed response. So I went ahead and attempted to start the vehicle with the stock 2jz ecu and it fired up so I knew something was up with the ECU. I sent it back to Excessive Manufacturing so the could diagnose it on one of their cars, they had no luck. Apparently over 20 of the ECU's they have in stock are having issues. They told me last Friday a Link liaison was sent to figure what's going on. I haven't had an update since. Its been a very frustrating situation considering its been over a month now.
  14. So I changed it to 25ms and nothing still. I attached the log. I'm going to check the spark I have tester for that. I ran the test it does indeed have spark. PC Datalog - 2020-08-31 10;21;20 am set to master fuel 25ms.llgx
  15. Its definitely the bottom most injector you sent. It is for sure wasted coil sparks.
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