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  1. Gave it a try, and it worked. I actually at one point had it setup correctly other than the transmit frequency I had at 1hz vs the required 20
  2. Thanks again guys. I will give it a go this evening.
  3. I have the dash wired to DI 9 and 10, Can setup doesn't seem to recognize it. Help files haven't been too helpful in this case either. It powers on correctly. Is there a configuration I am missing? blur2 - 20201018.pclx
  4. Genuine Bosch sensor acquired and tested. That was the issue. Thank you all! I honestly had no idea that counterfeit O2 sensors were a potential issue.
  5. 0258017025 They are 17025 o2 sensors which should be the Bosch LSU 4.9.
  6. My boxes don't have a QR code, and the more I compare them to the o2 sensors on the Bosch website the more differences I spot... Like the insulation on the sensor wires is a silicon fiberglass type, whereas the Bosch units look to have a more plastic sheathing. I just ordered one verified to be a Bosch unit from a local parts store. I will be able to try that in a few days.
  7. Purchased on Ebay, came in OEM Bosch box. I messaged the seller and they claimed they were genuine.
  8. Wired directly to the positive on my battery still had error code 16. Interestingly the temp seemed to slowly count down...? I know it is wired correctly... They shouldn't be fakes. They came in Bosch boxes with all the Bosch part numbers printed on the boxes. Look real to me...
  9. Yup, so I had purchased 2 afr sensors. I replaced the one that had the Rcomp error with my spare. The spare is now reporting error 16. Do you have an idea of how much current that's required? I have the 12v sourced from the same switched ignition that powers the ECU.
  10. Okay now I am getting error code 16. Temp never got past 106f - 41c. I moved the sensor to my bank2 exhaust manifold and had the same result...
  11. Okay I found where I can view the error status.
  12. Yup, that must be the issue. Reading 317.1 ohm. Where would I see the lambda error? I do have a spare that I haven't used yet. It came out to 116 ohm. Should I throw that one in and see if it works?
  13. My lambda reading is stuck at 0. I have double-checked the wiring and it is good. Maybe I am missing a setting in my tune? I don't see any error codes for the AFR either. PC Datalog - 2020-10-10 11;13;53 am.llgx blur2 - 20201006.pclx
  14. Ahh that would make sense. The error counter incremented by 2 almost every time I cranked the motor. I didn't see the error this last time when I actually got the motor to start and idle. Thank you for all your help Vaughan. Having your tune to compare to helped me find a lot of little things I missed the first time I setup the Ecu.
  15. PC Datalog - 2020-10-5.llgx Log file with about 10s of cranking. Trig1 error counted up to 2. Fuel and Ignition off. I got it started after setting the trigger offset to -356!!!! First Start!!!!.llgx
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