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  1. Thanks very much Adam, Much appreciated. Cheers, Mick.
  2. Hi Adam, Yep there was no signal from the crank trigger. I checked the continuity and it was fine and wiring was correct. I then pulled both the crank and cam sensors and tested for resistance and if they produced voltage which the both did. They were filthy though so that may have explained them not working correctly? I now get ~200 RPM when cranking and get a trigger signal from both sensors but I do get some (~5) trigger 1 err's. I can't access the online help and need to do a trigger calibration. Would I be able to be sent a copy of the trigger calibration? Thanks once again for you help. Cheers, Mick.
  3. Hi Adam, I just checked and no I don't have any rpm showing on the software when cracking. Thanks Mick
  4. Hi Adam, Thanks for the suggestion, I have now changed my fuel setup with new pumps and an after market fuel pressure regulator. So when I hotwire the pumps I have a stable 42psi, which is about right. However, when running the fuel pumps through a relay controlled by the ecu (link G3) they don't run when cracking. The pumps will prime when the ignition is switched on but when the ignition is switched to crank the fuel pumps cut out. I'm going to dig through the wiring tomorrow to see if anything doesn't look correct, however if the fuel pumps prime when the ignition is on it seems correct? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I have also attached the map I am running if it helps at all. Cheers, Mick. 1uz map preloaded with new sensors.pcl
  5. Hi all, I am in the process of wiring a link g3 to a toyota 1uz. The ecu was previously used on a 1uz desert buggy and had a tune installed already. I have now wired it to a different application using a 1uz but I am having fuel issues... So I have installed a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail after the stock pressure regulator just to see what is going on. When I switch on the ignition the fuel system primes and I get 28 psi at the gauge, the pressure then drops to 0 psi within a second. After cranking the engine wont fire and pressure guage remains at 0. It will fire on starting spray and when I pull out the spark plugs there is no fuel on the plugs. When I perform the injector test and using a stethoscope you can hear all injectors clicking, however the first bank is quieter than the first bank? Not too sure if this indicates a weaker earth? Furthermore, I don't know the last time the engine ran, so there is a very high potential that it could be blocked injectors aswell. Or it could be a simple click of a button. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback.
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