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  1. These settings are much better. The idle doesn't dip as bad, and the engine seems to come back to idle much quicker due to the extra retard during high idle error amounts. Thank you for your help Adam!
  2. I have attached my current map. I am using Idle ignition, but maybe the values could be better. The idle dip isn't a huge issue, but if there's an opportunity for improvement, I'd like to get the idle as stable as possible. Also, please take a look at my anti stall settings. The engine seems to want to stall unless I give a good amount of throttle input when pulling away from a stop. 3.6 AMG MAP.pclr
  3. I'm working on tuning the idle control on my engine, which is an AMG 3.6L M104 engine, using an 80mm Hemi dbw throttle body. The idle is very stable now, but does dip when turning the steering wheel. This doesn't seem to be a huge issue, but I'm wondering how effective a power steering pressure switch is in regards to stabilizing idle speed. Fan step and a/c step are able to make a throttle position correction before either are engaged, as opposed to the power steering step which is reacting to the switch changing state. Is it worth adding a power steering switch to provide even better idl
  4. Does anyone have PID settings for a late model hemi throttle body? I believe it's made by Magnetti Marelli and uses a brushless motor. Here's a link to one on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114222082292 Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Would it be possible to add a feature to g4+ ecus that would allow easier setup of pwm radiator/condensor fan control? Instead of building generic tables and getting tricky to make the fans go to a set speed with a/c pressure, this could be made simpler to set up, along with adding a section in the help file for setting up pwm fans.
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