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  1. HahaHaha well shoot, assumption is the mother ae, I had been trying to setup a virtual DI triggered when conditions met, didn't even think to try an output, thanks a ton
  2. Unless I'm missing something it would be great to be able to trigger logging via engine temp to avoid false results being logged on warm up laps etc, (this particular ecu is on a road bike so pc logging is not an option)
  3. Hey Adam, Yes I do already have the ecu, tdc is actually near the middle of the pulse before tge long one, does the ecu trigger from the zero crossover or the rising edge? Maybe I could shorten the tooth?
  4. Hey Guys, Just Looking to confirm the settings for the Trigger setup on the following, Engine is a Tl1000s , V twin, Firing 0 and 270 degrees Cam is one pulse per rev, Flywheel has 4 pulse per rev, with one being longer ( all rising edge are equal ) Ignition trace is cylinder no.1 Cheers Brendon Suzuki_TL1000S_1997_20200218-0001.psdata Suzuki_TL1000S_1997_20200916-0001.psdata
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