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  1. I have received the new connection cable from NZEFI and it works fine.
  2. I have contacted NZEFI and they sent me another replacement cable at cost 0. Serious company for me.
  3. Thanks for the help Adam, everything works fine. Greetings.
  4. I bought my cable at NZEFI.com, I have installed it on my board and it does not work, it does not connect to the ecu.
  5. thanks for the reply Adam. in pc link I don't have to confugure anything? my configuration is as follows.
  6. Hello, I have my Xtreme X ECU connected to an MXG Strada display by Can line and everything works perfectly. How can I add a new line? I want to show on the display when the launch control is connected.
  7. Hello everyone and thanks for the answers. I have already solved. If it had 12v on pin 5. The car started perfectly and everything worked, the only problem was the fuel pump always connected and it did not connect me to the PC. I had to update the ECU to get it connected again, and it was not easy to do so as it did not connect to the PC.
  8. Good morning. My ecu Xtreme X was working perfectly. He loaded the map and everything is perfect, the signal works smoothly with the display, everything is perfect. I have started it again but the fuel pump does not stop always connected and the PC does not connect to the ECU. What is possible that is happening?
  9. Thanks for your answer. Regards.
  10. Ok Adamw. Thanks for your answer, I have solved the question. Another question: Is there a "CUSB" cable with the MXG display terminal? These extremes.
  11. Hi. I'm new in the forum. I wanted to know how to set a potentiometer for my sequential gearbox. How to configure the gearbox? What analog to use?
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