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  1. Hey everybody - just bumped my fuel pressure up from 3 bar to 4 bar base (car idling, vacuum line removed to do this) in order to squeeze a little more fuel out of my id1050s. I'm using modelled multi-fuel as my fuel equation. Previously in injector setup I had the "rated flow" and "rated fuel pressure" set to 1065 and 3 bar respectively per ID's data sheet, and in fuel main I had the base fuel pressure set to 3 bar. Now that I've bumped the fuel pressure my question is do I only need to bump "base fuel pressure" in fuel main to 4 bar? Or do I also need to go in and change the values in i
  2. It works! Warmed it up and spent a bit getting the idle rock solid and the VE table around that area dialed in. I'll start digging into CLL control, and the mixture table and start dialing in the rest of the VE table. Thanks again for the advice! will report back as I continue to get this thing dialed in
  3. Map attached, can't really log because the car won't run for longer than a half second. Finished up syncing the timing a few minutes ago, it was about 10* out while cranking, again should've been close enough to start but now it's spot on. It's set up as modeled-multi fuel, I'll try that trick and see if it gets me anywhere once the battery is charged enough to give it another go. When it catches all 4 cylinders light nice and crisp, then it just shuts back off. I think it may be flooding because whenever I turn the fuel pump off it catches and dies. With the fuel pump on it'll ca
  4. Hey guys, I've been converting my car over from power fc (MAP based) to a link PnP over the past couple weeks and finally got to the point where I was comfortable trying to get it started. Some background, the car ran before the switch, on e85, 11:1 comp, some mild cams and a garrett gtx 2860 gen 2. I wasn't really happy with the attention to detail the tuner put into that setup and well, now here I am. I'm using the s13/s14 base file with all my relevant data swapped into it some notables: flex fuel, gm 3 bar MAP, gm IAT, aem UEGO x wideband controller, injector data for ID1050x, AE
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