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  1. Yeah, I am kinda.. perplexed...... The car "normally" starts after a few pokes. Cool, I'll try a .5 at 500 rpm (I noticed the Subaru JDM trigger threshold for the crank is 0.5, the DAVCS one is .8, I had verbatim copied the DAVCS settings). I think the issue is I normally Charge the car if I cant get it to start........ So that a Id10t error......
  2. Ok, This one is getting .. Wierder... What appears to happen is the Threshold for the Crank trigger isn't being "crossed" during initial cranking if the battery isn't really well charged ( Just under .7V) If you don't realise this and do a VVT calibrate it REALLY messes the computer up! I'm going to add a 200 Rpm /0.7v threshold and see what happens....
  3. Did you find a solution for this?
  4. Kinda good News... MEGAPOST! I Swapped out the LH and RH Intake Cam Sensors and the car is much improved. Still a slight background "miss". when the car starts to boost, and its a total pain to start... Unless the Crank CAS I fitted may have an issue... But once its running it seems fine ( motor wasn't sparking for some reason...All trigger values set as default for a DAVCS Default map.... Reluctor on Trigger one, Hall on Trigger 2) I calibrated the Triggers and the car is now a pig to start ( wont spark) but will eventually ( and with no discernible reason) decide to run. Trigger traces and RPM is indicated when it does the not starting antics. 10 Deg ignition lock however is rock solid 10 deg from the timing light Basically I swapped out the Crank trigger, Intake cam triggers, Redid all grounds and Fitted a hotwire to the coils. It appears the CAM triggers had been "smoked" as part of the accident the motor was in, Strange red ooze was found on them coming from a join!!!! Exhaust cam triggers show no errors so I'll leave them alone.. for now! Unfortunately I forgot to email myself the Logs.... but the car hits over 12 pound boost now! (before it lost the plot at 5 PSI) PICS: 2245 and 2248 is at Idle just after a cranking trigger cal, 2256 and 2258 are at 3000 rpm just after I did the Trigger calibration at 3000... What im noticing is about .5 Volt "hair" on the trigger. Is the noise on the Trigger 2 "normal" on a Subaru? ( Do i need to go find some ferrite cores?) I have noticed the Pulley/harmonic balancer isn't the truest in the world ( Probably slightly worse than usual...Subaru pulleys are woeful) So would the trace indicate if i've got a small amount of crank runout? I doubt it, but I'm chasing weird issues, I cant rule out anything!
  5. If I remember correctly the AVCS units have a mechanical lock, so in theory I should be able to get the oil real hot, turn off avcs, let the motor cool then start it with avcs off and then test. in theory I think that will make the system locked and I won’t see any “scatter” (I’m seeing a handful of degrees) so if one can is jittering , that’s the issue! (Using a timing light..) I guess the other question is how much timing jitter for you see with a timing belt in the first place? I’ll also take the cam sensor off my road wrx and chuck that on too (I don’t get these piston motor things.. rotaries are MUCH SIMPLER! ) Something else that could be compounding issues could be the thing isn’t getting hot enough for the avcs to actually work properly.. it’s barely getting 80 degrees oil temp with the freaking huge oil cooler it has!. or I could just have a Bad ground somewhere...... it’s going to be a A WTHeck or a Durr issue..... so a full check for earth leakage to radiator Hotwire power/grounds amp meter on power feed stupidity check is also planned! I’ll also add this motor was a $700 special from a motor that was in a prang (dropped a pile of valves when it shredded the timing belt in the crash and did zero piston damage) so besides a leakdown Test (which was very good) I have never run the motor previously. (anything damaged was swapped with known good bits... )
  6. Back on this one.. unfortunately... What I'm getting is a fairly random "miss" when the car is idling or at light load, The logs aren't showing any error or issue at the time it has the miss. Funny thing is, the ECU will show The intake cam on the Cyl 1 Bank (cam one..) will flash an error, but i cant see anything in the logs. or the trace. occasionally Cam 1 ( the intake cam that ISNT the Trigger 2 "input" and both exhaust cams will flash red when the miss happens (when you are on that page and watching...) Trigger trace seems fine when it happens..... So i can get a Meaningful log out of the unit, which exact Parameters should I be looking at/logging? I'm happy to beaver away at it, Im kinda stubborn like that..... But im dang well missing something in the logs!
  7. Bank one would be cylinder 1-3, bank 2 would be cylinder 2-4 cam one would be the intake cam for bank one Dont cut, bank ..... that’s why you always listen to the nav... but being serious again, so using either intake cam with the cam trigger makes zero difference. cool.
  8. Evening! Whilst having a jolly good time on the Dyno, I was assisting ( or is that "assisting"........maybe don't answer that..) Looking for an issue, and being a bit old school you start at the basics. which is where you decide its all human error and start with the bleeding obvious.. Crank/cam trigger stuffups! The Car has a WRXLINK 107 and by the supplied Link pinout the Trigger 2 goes to Cam 2 (LH bank, controls cylinder 2-4). Not cam 1. And I've wired the car to reflect this, So that part is right. (Remove plug, car no go, put back in, car go.....) But can I confirm that Cam 2 IS the correct position and is there a particular reason for it? Or is this a throwback to the Time WRX's had a cam wheel trigger on the left and its never been changed?? Car runs and drives off boost fine. AVCS seems to do AVCS things. (05 Liberty 20x Motor..slightly frazzled owner...)
  9. That sounds like the ticket! (Especially the ability to switch on as the car starts!)
  10. Jumping in on an old thread... I too have noted the Injector 7 O2 sensor heater driver. It would be nice to have the ECU switch the Heater on when the ECU "running"... Is the ECU capable of switching (to ground) something like an innovative LC-1 O2 sensor unit, or should it ground out a relay? (or can I set it high to trigger a relay?)
  11. Aft noon Gov's I'm getting an issue where the Car (EJ20 DAVCS..) gets a cam Trigger error on one bank when Idling around 1000-1200 rpm, And sometimes gets a little pop/miss just at the same time. Crank trigger seems ok. the Thing isn't "tuned" so the issue may just be that.. its not tuned, but who wants to find out there is an issue on the Dyno when it costs $200,000 an hour. This is also the second cam trigger, Primary cam trigger seems fine. Ok, Over-exadurating.. $2,000 an hour . Nothing I can see on Trigger Scope.... Mutter....Logs seem to show nuttin. CAS sensors set exactly as per the Help guide. Checked more than Santa Claus checks the who gets coal list.... So, you know peeps gona ask for a log, But I like my logs concise so you can drink scotch whilst reading them, whilst sitting in front of a fire of logs. Is there any particular fields to look at besides the individual log traces for the CAS and look for scatter? The only thing that's springing to mind is if the AVCS unit has a slight bit of play and I'm getting some noise. AVCS cuts in at 1250RPM and the issue disappears at about that point. But its only one Cam.... Or is it just Iridium plugs hate being in a car thats not !00% tuned and ive stuffed them ( and the CAS error that flashes up red is that I'm effectively seeing the missfire as the motor responds and the cam slows down?) Yes... I've gone mad.... and I hate Iridium plugs and their fouling , Do you think NGK makes Copper plugs for this motor? NO.....
  12. AH, But if you run a set of 150 CC Camry injectors they don't spray, They give more a fog which means you can remove the pesky Spray plates and have a nice clean idle! Yes, a Rotor with a clean idle! Worked pretty well on my original 2 throat "Webber" style setup with the dirty big Motorsport injectors over the throttle plates, But in that case it spread the top injector flow across both intake runners. Yes, they are a dark art..... And Exhaust port design is really critical to get midrange (The Engine builder and I went through 12 Test motors to get it right...)
  13. Its a Dirty Rotary question... Is it possible on a 4x to run more than 2 Dead time tables? I'm looking at running a set of 150cc injectors on the inner std position for when the car is puttering around. The other 2 pairs are 550cc and 880cc Denso's (actually out of a 13G.. really good spray pattern!) over 3-4000rpm they are fine but at lower rpm.. Lets say its eye watering . Still drives dead smooth for a Monster JPort in traffic, But the 300KM per tank is kinda hard on the wallet these days.... (Yeah yeah, I know, that's actually really good). Its all old school but it works when it counts. Or do you just run the same Dead time for the Bigger injectors and live with it? Being an older car it gets some... non-stable voltages out of the monster Alternator it has, especially when you flick the spotlights! (RX2 12A Rally car with a 9800RPM rev limit, 1000w of headlights, Staged Quad throttle body and a 6 speed.... and FULL road rego)
  14. Trigger scope logging: Yeah, That Button . ill try it again on Thursday. Threshold adjust: So I should try going DOWN by 0.1.. after seeing if correcting the filter level on trigger 1 helps (see below) Trigger config: I am running the 3 wire CAM triggers on the intake., 2 wire on exhaust. ( as per the JDM motor), 2 wire on Crank. (Trigger 1 tis the crank......correct?) Trigger 1 is set to Reluctor , filter level 2. "Default" by the Help guide says is should be 1...... Can this be part of the issue? ( End user error.. It was 1am when I configured it....) 2 wire sensor... So that should be reluctor. Trigger 2 is set as optic/hall, as per the DAVCS advisory for Davcs. Sorry for the possible silly questions, Bashing away at the car after work till all hours! ( sleep? who needs that!) and screwups are slipping in.....
  15. I'll tell you on Saturday afternoon how good Link Has it .. All things well, Its Saturday Dyno.... (The trigger trace appears to be happy at least) Filter is set to 1 ( Low) as per default, PWM for AVCS is 250 HZ. (so default...) I've seen some suggested configs indicating 300hz for the AVCS, Is there any advantage to this? (JDM 2L DAVCS motor). AVCS is set to enable at 1200 rpm/50 degrees ECT. So Maybe bump the threshold up by 0.1 until the trigger is stable? Ill try the trigger record again, ( I hit the record button, Ill blame the laptop... Maybe its a Layer 8 error.....So it could be the operator!.)
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