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  1. Mornin!. After changing car to ID1000's im working on the dead time table values. The values I have are from 6 to 15v, The table goes from 7 to 22 volts.... I've also found screenshots of the Table values on a link being from 6 to 15v.. So there should be a way to change the values.. But do you think I can find it? ( Edit axis isn't working for that table..) Secondly, Is there a way to stop the software deleting table and axis values when you disable/enable features? (More annoying than anything else...)
  2. I’ll add a note.. on the 107 ecu in 2007 mode the Trigger relay is c21
  3. I’m pretty sure I did that, but I’ll go back and confirm.
  4. What I got.....Subaru Quad avcs motor, Eculink107, Stuffed in a BRZ with a crowbar..... For the time being I would like to use my cars existing V8 STi DBC Throttle body, But the ECU is coming up with an error about the DBW must be in setup mode. Is the solution just Disable the Secondary TPS imput and reset the ECu settings to remove the DBW config, or is it a little more involved? ( or is it simplier?). Ive got all the Bits for DBW, The Motor and body loom Loom has been wired up to use it , Its more the fabrication of the Pedal box /DBW pedal linkage, The intake piping mods, the bon
  5. Afternoon. So I’m not Reverse Engineering something I’m going to use for a week or 2.....is there a known source for the short pulse width correction for the standard (565 dark blue) top feed injectors? Dead time? That’s relatively easy to find! In return , the BRZ/post 2008 Subaru DBW pedal wiring as below!
  6. Thank you !!! (phew, I’m not insane! )
  7. Evening. Happy to be pointed to the answer in the forums.... But i would rather be dumb than smoke the ECU... Firstly, The wiring diag shows to use AUX4 for the EXH cam 2, Advisory says you use AUX 1-4 for AVCS...The Latest pinout and the manual dont have the AUX 4 pin indicated....The ECU is Jumpered as a 2007 and Pinned in based on this. The back page of the supplied manual Doesnt even have a line for AUX4! So which one do I use? (or have I been working on my car too late at night and need more sleep.. ) Secondly, The aformentioned Wiring Diag indicates use a common 12V source o
  8. Awesome, I'll do that! I've already got the expansion connector as I was expecting to need it (I'm Running the Continental Flex fuel sensor and the Fuel pressure sensor so it made sense to group them into one sensor wire bundle) Racecars............
  9. It’s actually a well noted issue (Ralliart even had an advisory on it) ive seen the numbers, you will be surprised on a well sealed car like a Group N car with the back vents sealed what the pressure change is. But anyway, the question was more about if there was an advised output (which there appears not to be) so I’ll figure it out tonight.
  10. Evening! (I know the 107 has a onboard BAP.. but that's my issue....) Is there an advised An to use for an engine bay Altitude compensation sensor? I'm Thinking of using An Volt 8 as Its next to the "standard" MAP sensor Pin. (So repurpose the MAF input to keep inputs together.) The issue is being a rallycar with a roof vent you get an artificially High pressure in the cabin of the car and its known to cause issues...... I can always allow the ECU case to take "unpressurised" air but that could get annoying pressure proofing the case! Probably sounds pedantic, but Its better than get
  11. Jumping on the end of the topic... So confirming I shouldn't need the Aux connector if I'm using a WRXLink107 to use Drive By wire, and assign an output to the E-relay even though I don't use it, and Use TPS main for the existing TPS sensor. (DACVS motor conversion in a non-WRX). I'm not going to use DBW ATM, But i'm configuring the wiring so I can in the near future. I need to redo the pedal box linkages to make the DBW Throttle pedal install work. ( Apoligies... I've Migrated off Autronic.. Lots of relearning stuff!)
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