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  1. Oh ok I understand. How would I define them in the can setup if I go past 8 DI? I see in the CAN latches it goes all the way up to 16. DO you have an XML example of a CAN AUX? I'm assuming it would be similar in the can setup end? Width = 1, Start bit = (as explained in your reply above)
  2. I think I kind of understand the first two, I’m sure the more I reread it, the full understanding will come. I don’t quite understand why the start bit positions descend in the can setup while the button positions(?) in the xml increase (1,2,3 etc)
  3. I figured it out!! So using the modified file above, set up the button action as specified in the Notes.txt: Select the button then >Input and Values>Select Button Action>New Action>Action Type>Toggle Value On/Off. Then, you not only have to select the button name you specified in the XML file ("Send to Link: Button 1") as the data source, you also then have to make sure to set it as the same thing in "Select input". Then in PCLink, go to: DI>CAN DI Latches>CAN DI 8 Latch> On default (on/off) depending on your needs Adam I have not yet tested but does the XML only work for CAN DI 8 Latch because I set it as the parameter? I don't understand how it is assigned in the XML file as CAN DI 8 and am assuming it is based on the PNG. How would I change it to register as CAN DI (another number). Could you also explain why the can di parameter is defined in stream 4 frame 1 and not stream 5 instead? It is defined under frame ID 5 which I do not understand. Would you please take a look at the "Link with DI Recieve - Copy" in my google drive folder (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CiPYR6NEtvaxv4rIjn_7SoY6Vur5pgp1?usp=sharing) and let me know if I am understanding its set up correctly? I would then go into the Can streams and set the corresponding start positions to 8, 9 correct? What about parameter?
  4. So I still haven't figured out the CAN digital input part yet but I did notice why the fuel pressure was displaying incorrectly. In the previous XML file, it was set as "V/10/100" but actually should be "V*10/100" I attached a modified version of the XML in the example folder with the corrected equation. It also has a modified MGP equation so it displays in PSI. Link with DI receive.xml
  5. I updated the folder above with snips of my CAN settings
  6. I did not try the .rd file with xml file unmodified. I will do so now and report back. Here is the xml and .rd file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CiPYR6NEtvaxv4rIjn_7SoY6Vur5pgp1?usp=sharing Update: Modifying the CAN settings in PClink to match the included PNG's on the example folder didn't return any different results. I did change the .rd file and .xml to the ones included in the folder as well
  7. Has anyone successfully set up a can input with realdash and a G4X? I tried setting up my own based on the marker button in the Realdash setup example files but in the runtime values, it returns nothing. I then set it up exactly as shown in the help files Adam included and got an "Inactive" in the runtime values but the button itself did nothing. In realdash, I have my button configured as a toggle as per the xml instructions and the data source is "Send to Link: Button 1" In PCLink, can description is set up as shown in the two included pictures, with the exception of me using "CAN DI 1 (Status)" instead. I noticed that I have an "x" in position 7 of that bit table on the bottom. In "CAN DI latches" of PCLink, for "CAN DI 1 latch", I switched between "off". "on default inactive" and "on default active". After changing from off to one of the "on" options, it returned a "Fault" Am I missing something here?
  8. Just an update. The xml file had MGP in there but I noticed on in the snip of each frame description it is in kPa. Changing the multiplier to 1/6.895 should give me MGP in Psi correct? Edit: The above statement was correct The multiplier should also apply to the fuel pressure correct? Edit: Still have not figured this one out
  9. Interesting, thanks for the clarification on the baud rate thing! Would fuel pressure also be displayed in the ecu specific category with this xml or would it be the same one that is in the engine/ecu output category? (I don’t remember the exact name and am away from the car currently) Also I appreciate the help and the xml file! Will save me the seemingly monumental task of learning how CAN and CAN descriptions work and the setup
  10. So I defaulted it again and left it the 2 mil baud rate and it works. I remembered in an earlier related post on here (or the realdash forums) where it mention that that value was too high. Is there any particular reason why it would work at the default baud only? Also thanks Adam for the quick and helpful videos. They are very appreciated. Do you have any tips for setting up an volt values that aren’t predefined in realdash or is that when we start getting into the custom XML files? Also, does this extend to setting up buttons on realdash as triggers to an aux out? The reason I ask is because I have a Honeywell fuel pressure sensor in PCLink as an volt 7 and when selecting fuel pressure, it shows .3. I’m unsure what this value is since I have around 36.7psi. I’m having the same problem with MAP but it is not being displayed at all, just a static value. I remembered reading in another post that realdash has predefined sensor settings (ex. water temp was defined as an temp 1, in realdash) so I was also wondering if that might be playing some part in this
  11. I finally got the REV light to flash but no data is being displayed in the analyser software and I still get the "timeout connecting" in realdash.... where do I go from here :l. It feels like I keep hitting road block after road block
  12. Yeah I mentioned I did it two replies ago lol. Still nothing :/
  13. Hey Adam, Could you please show me in a similar video how your can analyzer is set up in its own software? Maybe there’s a step or button that I have to click and I’m missing it during setup
  14. I don;t really know where to start now or where to go from here. All I did was change the baud rate on the thing from the very beginning and perform the self test. The "Rev." light does not flash and I see nothing in the can data window of the Configuration tool. This is exactly how it was before I set it factory settings. I changed the baud rate to match the 115200 of the ECU as well after reset. Can mode is set to normal and can frame is standard. Any other ideas guys, I never though this would give me the most trouble haha
  15. At this point I'm ready to trash the thing. I've followed the directions to the T. Baud is correct across the entire system. In realdash, on the application and ecu. Plug is wired correctly using can plug1 and it is set up to send dash2pro to can 1 with an ID of 1000. I tried to get the thing to read data from the ecu and get silence. Changing the can mode in the application does absolutely nothing, and the directions that came with the adapter are useless for anything other than setting the can baud rate. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and it's extremely frustrating when I can't even use the reading material this came with to gain some direction.
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