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  1. Beside the crank/cam trigger patterns I don't think so. Here's a base map I've found for a Neon SRT-4 Thank you
  2. Well that will be easy for you guys to add support for a dodge neon srt4 in your next release then Thanks for the quick answer ! Btw, engine information is missing a link to chrysler vehicules in the help manual.
  3. dbiegunski

    PT Cruiser 2.4

    Hi, does the PT Cruiser 2.4 trigger pattern is the same as the Dodge Neon SRT-4 ? I couldn't find any crank/cam details of the PT Cruiser 2.4 trigger in PC Link nor the help documentation. Neon SRT-4 is Crank 36+2-2 Cam 6+1
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