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  1. Thanks Adam! Mac user last 20 years, have forgotten all the details of Windows and Windows has changed a lot since I was a regular user. I'll tweak that and see if my overall level of irritation decreases...seems to get higher every year even without Windows...
  2. Ah, ok, it only flashed up on the screen for a moment. Must have misinterpreted what it said. One of my frustrations is with the laptop I'm using. Lightly touching the track pad is like an enter click and I tend to leave my finger hovering so do touch it which essentially clicks on whatever the mouse 'arrow' is over. Just not used to the computer and it's very irritating. Thanks for the link, that's very useful info...
  3. Thanks Adam, I'll check through everything again. Cam sensors are wired 12V which had me worried but I haven't got that far in my setup to realize they are ok at 12V. I'm thinking I'm mashing everything together in my mind and did wire the MAP as 5V as it's working correctly and my engine wiring loom links all like sensor's power together and I'm using the factory engine loom so the other sensors should be 5v...which is only the TPS I think. O2, MAT, accel pedal all 5V already. So, I guess I was mainly worried about the cam sensors and they're good at 12V. I'll double check the temp sensors. I wired in an inlet air temp sensor and it's working fine so maybe it is the error value I'm confusing. I'll wire the accel pedal in parallel to get things started and will order the Link 'dual track'. Looks like it would just replace the sensor on my setup without changing the overall installation of the system which is my primary concern. Thanks for the information. When setting up the e-throttle, which is when I realized there needed to be a 'sub' channel, the program told me it failed to find an e-throttle module. I have the Link module wired in. I'll check the wiring again but is there a way to make sure the ECU is seeing the module? Sorry for the basic questions but I suspect I'll be posting again, I'm new to Link and just getting going on the program and it's setup. Early days and frustrating until I learn the internal logic of the layout. Can you recommend any sources of information other than the help file? Also, I posted asking for help with basemaps for my EZ36 but haven't had any responses. Any ideas for sources? Thanks again, Martin
  4. Hi all, using a Link G4 Xtreme on my Subaru EZ36 install into a VW Vanagon. When wiring up my engine, I used the Subaru wiring diagrams assuming this would wire all the sensors correctly. This gives all powered sensors 12V on the EZ36. The link seems to want everything at 5V although it implies in Help this can be changed. Having said that, my MAP seems fine. How do I change this or do I need to convert all my sensors to 5V? Second, what do I set Subaru temp sensors as? The engine has a water and oil temp sensor. I've put them as Bosch but they just read 100C. I tried using the calibration tables but couldn't figure out (despite juggling some of the numbers) how to get the sensors into range. Another issue: I have a 0-5V E-accelerator pedal system installed. It was an expensive and a relatively complex install under the floor of the drivers compartment to get it integrated into the mechanical accelerator pedal and cable of the van. My mistake, I did not read the Link Help files prior to doing this and my pedal system has only one 0-5V output and no 'sub' channel. Is there a workaround for this? Finally, where do I find the settings for the high and low limits for analogue channels? Help says these can be adjusted to prevent error messages but I've been through all the menus and I just can't find them. Probable hiding in plain sight.... Thanks in advance, Martin
  5. Hi Ross, I was wondering if you or anyone else on the forum had a base map for a Subaru EZ36R? Thanks in advance, Martin
  6. Thanks Adam, very useful info and food for thought.
  7. The G4 unit is new in box. What fooled me was it was purchased by PO to run the same engine (PO ran a business which included Subaru engine swaps into Vanagons) but never used. Actually I thought he was a Link dealer but apparently not. I assumed it was up to the job but looks like isn't. I'll have to get finished it wiring in and hooked up to software to be sure but I'm not optimistic now. In the likely event I need to upgrade to a G4X, can I still use the two wiring looms which came with the G4? I have spent many hours wiring them into a plug which plugs directly into the engine wiring loom socket making it essentially plug and play for engine replacement. I'd really rather not do that again...
  8. Ok, I'm getting close to the point of powering things up (side tracked by body and suspension work). If I don't have aux 9/10, which of the current Link lineup do you think would best fill my needs? G4X XtremeX? Other than the e-throttle issue, the G4 Xtreme I have does everything I need. Since I have a stand alone e-throttle module, would a G4X StormX be enough?
  9. Having said that, at one point I thought my Xtreme red had outputs for e-throttle at 9/10. I then discovered the Xtreme silver had these outputs specifically for e-throttle not the red. I made the (hopefully not false) assumption this was because of the current draw of the e-throttle and in the red these were not able to supply the current necessary, hence the external module requirement. This topic is not really covered in the manual. My manual does not have that line. I take it this means my ECU will not drive all the outputs I need. My manual does not distinguish the Xtreme red from the silver. This has led to my confusion about the e-throttle capability. With VVT alone, I cannot use Aux 1-4 for signal 1. Looks like I cannot have VVT and e-throttle let alone EGR. Is this correct? Everything I had read online about the G4 Xtreme suggested it would work for this engine. The information necessary to make this determination is not readily available unfortunately. I wish I had known this before making the secondary purchase of the external e-throttle module
  10. I haven't got that far...still wiring, haven't accessed ECU through software. Wiring loom has aux 9/10, manual says it has aux 9/10, but I haven't accessed them. Just reading the manual which came with the unit. Says it's the manual for G4 Xtreme and Storm. Says Storm has 8 aux outputs, Xtreme has 10.
  11. Hello, I'm wiring up a Subaru EZ36 to my G4 Xtreme Red. To manage the e-throttle, I also have the e-throttle module. I am wiring that in now and have run into a problem. In my engine wiring I have Aux 1-4 running the four valve timing solenoids. I have Aux 5-8 set up as a stepper motor to run my EGR system. I left Aux 9 and 10 open for the e-throttle (how it is wired in the manual for the model with built in e-throttle..?Xtreme Silver). The wiring instructions for the module I recently purchased however say signal 1 must come from the ECU's Aux 1-4 and Signal 2 must be from Aux 5-8. Is there a way I can rectify this conflict and still have my valve timing and EGR? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Adamw! Thought that was the case but not sure. Didn't know about those boosters, will investigate more. Looks like a cost effective solution
  13. Just to confirm required modifications: I'm using my G4 Xtreme to manage a subaru engine. The vehicle I am putting it into requires modifications to the tachometer (older vehicle, tach input originally from distributor I believe) to accept the input from a similar vintage (mid 2000's) Subaru ECU were I using that. I'm assuming the output of my Xtreme is the same as the Subaru ECU output and the modifications to the tach would thus be the same. Is this correct? Thanks in advance...
  14. Thank you very much Adam! Problem solved!
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