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  1. Thanks Adamw! Thought that was the case but not sure. Didn't know about those boosters, will investigate more. Looks like a cost effective solution
  2. Just to confirm required modifications: I'm using my G4 Xtreme to manage a subaru engine. The vehicle I am putting it into requires modifications to the tachometer (older vehicle, tach input originally from distributor I believe) to accept the input from a similar vintage (mid 2000's) Subaru ECU were I using that. I'm assuming the output of my Xtreme is the same as the Subaru ECU output and the modifications to the tach would thus be the same. Is this correct? Thanks in advance...
  3. Thank you very much Adam! Problem solved!
  4. Hi, am wiring my G4 Xtreme to run a 2008 Subaru EZ36 engine. Making good progress but am having trouble with the AVCS actuators. Not clear to me how to wire them and the engine manual I have doesn't help either (solved the TPS, EGR, and AVCS sensor wiring for me; not clear on the actuators). The Subaru engine harness has different wire colours for each of the connectors on the actuators so it's not clear if one is power or one is ground. The G4 manual tells me which outputs to use for each actuator but it's not clear to me which connector of the two in each actuator it goes to and what to
  5. Thanks! Can DI1 be tasked to something else?
  6. Hi, wiring up a Subaru EZ36 to a G4 Xtreme. I'm a little confused about what to do with the cam timing sensors. The G4 wiring manual asks for Trigger 1 to be crank sensor, and Trigger 2 to be RH intake cam sensor (the side with cylinder #1...I think that's correct!). However, the manual also suggests wiring the cam position sensors in the D1-4 positions for quad cam engines with VVT. Should I split the wire from the RH intake cam sensor and run one tail to Trigger 2 and one to D1 or can I leave D1 or Trigger 2 empty? Thanks in advance...
  7. Thanks Adam! Will purchase external module. I'm digging out my soldering iron and getting ready for wiring...
  8. Hi, I have a G4 from 2009 which I plan to use to run a 2008 Subaru EZ36R engine. I am a little confused about whether it can run the Subaru's drive-by-wire throttle. Everything pointed to it being able to but I am just reading the installation manual included with the PC Link version 4.10.2 (the last/latest update for G4's) which says only the G4 silver case can do this. Mine has a red case. Anyone know if my unit can run the e-throttle? I guess this begs the question whether I have the correct version of PC Link. I'm not sure which one to choose. I assumed the PC Link software would upd
  9. So, don't need a huge amount of computing power but a decent screen a good idea?
  10. Hi, I am hoping to use a small laptop or tablet for tuning only (no apps or programs running in background, wifi off). What are the minimum requirements to effectively tune using the link software?
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