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  1. sol-10.pclr latest config
  2. When I say the ignition retards I mean it goes to the level that I first set it to during the calibrate.
  3. Log 2021-04-14 6;54;34 pm.llgThere is still something very wrong it seems to tick over but just slowly dies, I have to work the throttle to keep it going it coughs and backfires. The timing just seems off but timing gun says no I have just found out by looking at the timing whilst tweaking throttle, the ignition retards when I open the throttle meaning the engine dies This is not normal behavior, I thought it advances a little.
  4. Tps fluctuating is me pumping the throttle. The biggest issue is the only place that can tune it is an hour away and I need to get an mot and drive it there.
  5. So Got the engine running without getting the cat to glow red hot. But if I press the accelerator gently the engine seems to bog down, if I pump it the RPM will climb, What could cause this ? The timing seems to be correct for the car. And if I increase the fuel the engine floods and won't start. Knocking seems a bit excessive as well. today.llg sol-9.pclr
  6. Sorry fixed it now, but the spark on the engine is quite bad.
  7. So I had a medical issue and had to put playing on hold but now I'm back the engine won't start. Nothing was changed since the last time it ran. It almost starts but that's it. sol-3.pclr Log 2021-04-8 6;24;44 pm.llg Log 2021-04-8 6;35;08 pm.llg
  8. Incase this ever comes up I cut the blue/white wire on A18 then wired a 100k resistor to the main +ve feed and the boot loader now works without warning light and buzzer. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks, its A18, it ties directly into the speed sensor to disable the mechanism if you move to fast limiting the speed is something I don't want as there have been a couple of times I could of done without it. Now i just need to setup a resistor or 2 so i dont blow fuses by feeding it directly from the battery.
  10. Sorry there is also pin 18 which is brought to ground when the bootloader is active, in the normal ecu it causes the ecu to limit itself so you can't drive fast.
  11. There is a breakout conenctor on the hc92+ board that in the manual is called a expansion cable Does anyone happen to know the proper name for this connector so I can purchase one ? The original company that sold this to me do not have them. Alternatively a uk company that can sell me one ? Many thanks
  12. I was wondering if it wwould be possible using a hc92+ to switch to using individual ignitors instead of the built in dizzy and coil ? I just thiunk the current setup doesn't appear to have a good spark on some of the cylinders so the engine runs poorly 90% of the time. The giveaway was the cat glowing red hot and the engine vibrating like it wasn't firing on all cylinders. Thanks Robert
  13. Hello, Sorry for the delay, It appears that the pin in question is actually A 25 and depending where you look is called IG2 or IGP2 One place even calls it IG1 (according to some service manuals) Why another service manual
  14. here is the diagram from the workshop manual; I have circled the output I am interested in as this not working totlay removed on of the cars tricks (the main reason I like this car). It is called a trans top
  15. Ok the issue with an output from the ecu to the boot loader I dont suppose anyone has come across the issue ? It seems that 2 lines from the ecu connect to the boot on the cars wiring diagram they are referenced as 52 and 53 ( I believe)
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