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  1. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Here is my most recent map and useful log file for this. It's using an AEM 30-4110 that was calibrated in open air and then again in a fuel vapor environment to get full-rich and full-lean readings to plug into the cal table. I've confirmed I'm not getting trigger errors now, also. 3SGTE Startup Warmup Idle Rev 1.22.2021.llg 1991 MR2 3SGTE 1.26.2021.pclr
  2. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Leaned it out a little bit and increased trigger threshold and it's still got some dips/stumbles. Maybe it's just the old fuel (E85, 9-10 months old) that needs to finish burning out of the tank... It seems to be better when it's warmer and any time I bring the revs up.
  3. Yeah, complete jack. I was searching for tacho output and somehow ended up here... So I'll confirm if there's not already wire in pin23, but I'm not using the OEM fuel pump wiring at all, so I chose Aux7 due to its proximity to the current IGT (IGN1) pin, since I'm using the COP expansion harness already. Without the factory FP wiring, any problem with Aux7 then? Thank you!
  4. Just want to confirm before I make the wiring change, Aux7 on a 3SGTE V1 (TST185+) can be used to drive the tach through a tach adapter? I'm running a coil on plug setup on a gen2 using the factory tach. I'm not getting any usable output from pin 20 (IGN1) and my tach doesn't function currently. The direction I've received from the tach adapter supplier is to change to an available aux output for it to function properly.
  5. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Yep, and that's what was so confusing to me. Any misfire should show lean, so I don't know why it's showing rich when it stumbles for a split second. This should be the trigger scope from idling during warmup at about 1200rpm: Trigger arming threshold is 0.6V at that point. Do I need to bump that to 1.2-1.5V?
  6. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Thanks! I'll lean it out and see if it's any better, or at least not worse
  7. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Is that what I'm getting here?
  8. Yep, boost control is the blue 2-pin connector under the intake manifold. Some people sell the MAC valve with the correct mating connector already installed, so it's 100% plug and play. If you're not going to run TVIS, what I did for my ethanol sensor was pulled 12V from the TVIS connector for power to it.
  9. It cranked over SO. MUCH. better after adjusting the trigger threshold for trigger 2. No kickback, no backfires. It still took just over 2 seconds of cranking, but I think that's now down to my enrichment/CLL needing further polishing. And still seems like it's not horrible for E85 on a cold start, 55F, on non-optimized fuel and ignition maps.
  10. I haven't seen anything that I can see in the logs that shows it, but I will adjust my trigger arming thresholds. Looking more closely at the log, it looks like I'm cranking for almost .5 seconds before any RPM is registered in the ECU. I'm basing this off when battery voltage drops compared to when I first see the engine speed jump to 264rpm. So it's reasonable that anywhere from 5-20* BTDC ignition timing would be acceptable for E85 cold start? EDIT: My trigger 1 threshold is .2V at 0rpm and .5V at 1000. Trigger 2 is 0.5 and 1.0, respectively. I'll adjust 2 down and see if tha
  11. I've moved in the wrong direction slightly. =( It seems like I'm getting a lot of kickback during cranking (this has been common ever since I got it running). I have noticed several backfires that heat my IAT sensor (mounted in TB inlet) enough to kick my intercooler fan on (set to 120F threshold). I tried lowering my cranking ignition timing to 5* with no real difference, other than it seemed worse. My best log so far for starting is from Tuesday's post (3SGTE Startup Warmup Idle log) . Attached is one from tonight that wasn't as smooth. It looks to me like it needs more crank
  12. FWIW, I'm getting a PW of 2.449 with an effective PW of 1.520 on mine with a stable idle lambda, using ID1050x's.
  13. That's excellent advice, I'll check that out and hopefully come back soon with good results.
  14. Yep, if the tank weren't already full of E85 (77%) then I would have started there. I'll just get it as far as I can and then let the actual tuners take it from there. Thanks! (Also, can't thank you enough for these Spearco IC pipes! )
  15. Perfect, thank you! Yep, I just wanted to get it running with what was in the tank, and once it goes to the tuner I'll let them take it from there, whether they want to tune petrol or E85 first. I figure the more I can get set up reasonably well before getting there, the less hours I'll get charged and the more they can focus on the mapping and more complicated feature setup.
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