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  1. Thanks Adam, restore to factory settings and reloaded my map/tune and ECU logging is now working. however.... I can now reproduce the fault. I am running a racetech dash 2 off the ECU serial/RS232 connection. When the dash is connected the fault as above occurs, if disconnected everything works as it should. What alerted me to this was when I tried to restore my tune it came up with an error and wouldn't store to the ECU, disconnect the serial connection to the dash and all was well. what would be causing this conflict?
  2. yeah I viewed your thread earlier, so have you been able to address it with the tweaked version of PC Link?
  3. I'm running a G4+ FD RX7 ECU, Firstly I received this error when trying to retrieve ECU log files - Unable save log file due to corrupt flash pages. Secondly after deleting the exiting log files, when going into ECU log file setup PC Link goes offline... does this every time, unable to make any changes to ECU logging setup as PC link is offline and won't right changes at next connection. Tried downloading new log files and get the same error above The ECU log file setup page shows ECU logging as enabled however I do not see ECU logging status on top right corner of the PC link page
  4. Expansion loom 2 installed and EGT working perfectly on AN Volt 9.
  5. Yeah that would do it.... thanks for all your help. I'll investigate using AN Volt 1 or bite the bullet and get another expansion loom
  6. Confirmed its Exp1, tried the shorting with no response.... so is AN7 Faulty? 5 and 6 are configured and working
  7. S7, file attached S7 FD rx7 N Messenger.pclr
  8. Yes, voltage is present at the amp and at the yellow wire on the expansion loom and rises as the EGT heats up
  9. EGT revelectronics single channel amp 0-5v linear output not registering output on AN 7 Volt K type thermocouple wired to in + and – 12v Bat wired to in VCC ECU ground to GND out and Out1 to AN7 Volt Link G4+ FD rx7 AN7 configured for EGT (0-5v) using Cal 5 - 0v = 0Deg C and 5v = 1250 Deg C (amp output in 4mV/deg C) What am I missing? help much appreciated
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