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  1. Hi Guys , can i pick your brains please ? . I'm building a YB powered Mk1 Escort with a Link Monsoon ECU and am at the wiring stage. I'm using the throttle body & inlet from a later EECIV Small Turbo Escort YB and the EECIV ISCV has a really weird plug on it . I'm trying to make the engine harness and cant find a female plug to suit the connector on this particular idle valve. These idle valves are also particularly hard to source and as soon as you mention 'RS Cosworth' the prices rise dramatically I guess I could stick with the OEM idle valve and then solder a
  2. Sorry for delayed reply- but thanks gents , this is brilliant info from you both. Your help is very much appreciated - thanks again
  3. Thanks for the explanations chaps - its really helpful . The link i/o table specifically mentions that pins 15 & 16 are temp inputs for use with NTC Thermistor sensors and AN1-4 are Voltage - i didn't consider this before asking my question on the need for a resistor , again - thank you for the guidance. Oil Temp i bench tested the Oil temp gauge as per Adams instructions and I'm reading 12v with my multimeter at the sensor terminal . I feel that it seems to be more aggro than its worth. I'm going to dismiss the Oil temp feed to the ECU. Oil & Fuel pressure Oi
  4. Thanks Adam - this is brilliant info ! - the support from this forum is amazing I did see the alternate wiring diagrams included in my box when I bought the wideband controller - but had no idea about potential voltage spikes etc . My apologies if my questions / assumptions seem a bit naive. Ok , so - onto v3 of my schematic , the earths are now configured properly and I've switched the 12v +ve feeds around so that one relay powers the boost solenoid, IACV, coils & Injectors , and the other relay powers the ecu and the can lambda controller only. Will this negate the need for a cap
  5. Thanks for your help gents - its much appreciated . My intention was to wire it up exactly according to me diagram (with the exception of some of the analogue sensors - but i'll come onto that later) . I intend to convert the Cosworth YB ignition from a Distributor based system to Coil on Plug - using 4 x Honda K20 Denso stick coils. I'll still be using the phase sensor in the original YB distributor body. I've re-jigged my schematic to now ground pins 25 & 34 to a common point on the engine. I've also re-jigged stick coils to have separate earths which will now crimp to a
  6. It's in the Link Monsoon Quick start guide that i downloaded from here > http://linkecu.com/documentation/MonsoonQuickstartGuide.pdf It states " Ground + Ground (assuming 25 & 34 ?) Wire these seperately. Ground Typically one to engine, one to chassis" Lee
  7. Thanks Vaughan, I really appreciate you taking a look at this for me . A couple of questions- The Link I/O table I downloaded tells me to put one earth to chassis and the other to the engine ? What does WCU stand for ? Lee
  8. Hi Everyone , I'm very new to the world of engine management (being more used to contact breakers & condensers !) but am very enthusiastic ! . I've been lurking for a while but this is my first ever post. I'm building a Cosworth YB Turbo powered Ford Escort Mk1 and have bought a new Link Monsoon G4x to take care of the engine management. I'm also using a boost control solenoid and a Wideband lambda controller. I'm going to be making my own wiring harness using a Link Loom A as the basis. I figured the best place to start would be to fill in the I/O table and use a schematic for myse
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