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  1. Yes manual transmission, don't know which wire to cut and link to monsoon, can help?
  2. Hmm I'm thinking using monsoon for tuning and factory ecu for other function
  3. How to wire monsoon parallel with k20 ecu, can someone help
  4. Hi Adamw, The Pic you send me looks a bit different.
  5. Can you give me the instruction on how to modify it. Thanks
  6. 876 1-2-21.pclx PC Datalog - 2009-08-20 1;48;22 am.llgx
  7. It's a g4x civic plug and play, using basemap 92 to 95 civic, car already started, don't know knock is working or not. D3 from the socket is connected to knock sensor right? Or can contact me at whatsapp +60109748473 thank you
  8. Hi, I've setup a civic 92, car already started, but knock not working. Can someone help me with this issue Thanks
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