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  1. Sorry about that. It’s a late gen2 mr2
  2. Will the st205x work with the gen3 3sgte wire harness? I wasn’t able to find any solid answers. I also haven’t slept in 30 hours so that might have something to do with it.
  3. Helical

    G4x and BTI error

    I have. It’s on stream channel 1 and loaded the LCS file in the stream tab. i am also getting fault code 17
  4. Helical

    G4x and BTI error

    I have. It’s on stream channel 1 and loaded the LCS file in the stream tab.
  5. Helical

    G4x and BTI error

    I followed the instructions for the bti gauge and I get a “No processor “ error at the bottom. I have loaded the file to the ecu can setting and stored it. It is plugged into Can1 on the ECU board. Did I do something stupidly obviously incorrect? I have used the antenna as a 12v source since I do not use the radio. It shows 12v when the key is switched on.
  6. I am in charleston Sc
  7. Right now, I am just trying to get it running as close to factory as possible. I am replacing my dash with a BTI since the JDM cluster gave up. I figured I would switch things over the MPH and have a “racecar” like dash. I really wish you could just set things to a factory tune right off the rip. Once this is done, I am putting the car in the back burner for a bit. Working on making money off of the stock market thanks to a few friends and would like to eventually go with a k24 turbo. The local shops won’t touch a link ecu. I’d have to drive a few hours to get to a place th
  8. Yup! This thing is so pretty. It was well worth the money. So if I had all of the stock info, then I would be alright? I do know my injectors aren’t the 540cc but the 440cc. And that’s about all the info I know.
  9. I believe the wideband will plug into the expansion loom. I have a downpipe and wideband....I just hate the mr2 downpipe removal process....it’s the worst. But this handmade downpipe from England should be worth it. what do you mean by “traditional”?
  10. The dealer I ordered it from included the AIT sensor plug and play adapter and expansion loom with the ecu for a hair under $1k. Sounds like I am good to go minus the tune? Or is the startup tune a factory map or just the bare bones to move it?
  11. It still has the MAP sensor. I am happy to hear that I dont need to repin anything and can immediately remove the AFM. Next issue is to find a tuner closer than 4.5 hours away... So that also means I can use a different BoV than my dual chamber as well? And to get it running close to a factory tune, will I need to add a wideband or will the narrowband work?
  12. Its really odd. It really only changes for that year. Mine has a factory AFM....I would like to get rid of it. Also installing a BTI dash display since my cluster died. I managed to find this. http://gt4.mwp.id.au/Electrical/3SGTE ECU Pinouts.pdf
  13. I am in a weird situation. I have the TST205X for a 93 JDM MR2 with the factory Rev2 3SGTE. The TST205X fits the 17380 factory ECU but Link has posted that its for the Gen3 3SGTE. What do I need to do as far as basemaps? I am guessing that they come with the factory tune already programed? Will it be safe to use with the Rev2 if I remove the AFM? Thank you for the help in advance. I do apologize for such a newb question.
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