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  1. Batt Voltage 11.95, Output Voltage: 10.8. DC still at 90%. Adjusting clamp alters voltage but DC still at 90%
  2. Attached are two seperate logs. I noticed on the second log that there are a few time the e throttle 2 duty goes lower than 90%. It appears to happen when e-throttle goes negative on te duty cycle. E-THROTTLE TEST FOR LINK SUPPORT 2.llg E-THROTTLE TEST FOR LINK SUPPORT 1.llg
  3. Map and Log, see attached. TEST FOR LINK SUPPORT.pclr E-THROTTLE TEST FOR LINK SUPPORT.llg
  4. The map and log are correct. Throttle 2 was turned off after the log because it was forcing the throttle.
  5. The trigger log upload was a mistake. I will grab another log with it turned on.
  6. The problem continues, see attached. e-throttle log throttle mode setup.llg e-throttle setup link recomendations.pclr trigger scope.llg
  7. We flipped the pins and it snapped it open instead of snapping it closed. I've also tried multiple throttle bodies and have had the same result. In setup mode, e-throttle 2 seems to be at max Duty Cycle.
  8. I can fully open it or fully close it in setup mode. there is no in between. I have not measured voltage on the throttle connector. I will do that and report back.
  9. Here are two logs (setup mode and run mode) and the map. Thank you! e-throttle diag log throttle mode on.llg e-throttle diag log throttle mode setup.llg e-throttle setup test.pclr
  10. Attached is the tune, I will get a log ASAP 350z vq35hr turbo e-throttle cal bank 2 not working.pclr
  11. Link Thunder / VQ35HR I have a Nissan VQ35HR with Dual DBW setup and I'm having a hard time getting TB2 to work. I am only using one E-Throttle relay for aux9/10/17/18 power supply. TB1 works perfect in test mode and run modes. TB2 can fully open or fully close in test mode. APS has no effects. I have triple checked wiring and it is correct. TPS Main/Sub for TB2 read when manually moving the TB blade. I have a feeling AUX18 isn't working in the hardware. is there a way to further troubleshoot? Is it possible not having a second E-Throttle relay for 17/18 be causing problems? Please advise.
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