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  1. Awesome ! Thanks for the data , if its easier i can bring this module out to you to sniff as im in aucks too swapping ecus this weekend hopefully so looking forward to getting into it asap
  2. Great info adam , does the baro sensor compensate automatically or is that another table ill need to work with? sorry i should have said the indys are secondarys Bosch ev14 1000s in primarys Do you know if my pre existing wideband will work along sode the Extreme? Or will i need to buy thr Link version to use CLL?
  3. Thanks Adam for your quick reply! so to conclude, Get the tune as spot on in all areas as best i can on the street and switch over to closed loop match the target afr to match what ive tuned to then if i travel to taupo which often we do the CLL will take care if the altitude changes which have plagued me in recent times? Adam you don’t happen to hve any injector data on the old indy injectora do you?
  4. Hey guys ive purchased a link g4+ extreme ecu for my rx3 , swapping from a microtech lt10c have a few questions please can a bridgeport 13b turbo be tuned using closed loop lambda up to 22-24psi using the link wideband can? What advantages and disadvantages does open loop vs closed loop have on this type of setup? does anyone have dead time info for indy blue/white 1680cc injectors? thanks in advance
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