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  1. Hi Tim, the airbag light is a known issue with 350Z and happens when the ECU and airbag lose connection which happens every now and then out of the blue. I would say every 6-8 months it happens in my car. Once the error occurs the light will always flash until you do the reset procedure. To fix it turn off your car and put the key into the ignition, turn the key to ignition position and wait for the airbag light to blink once and as soon as the light blacks out turn your key to the off position before the light comes back on. Repeat this process 5 or so times. On the 5th attempt turn the key to start the engine as soon as the light goes out instead of turning to the off position. The light shouldn't come back on until a future communication error occurs in many months time. There are videos all over YouTube for it but here's one I just found: https://youtu.be/iJtC-MTZZSE
  2. NATS still active, had to get the car towed to Nissan who recoded the security module to match the car. If we can use a Rev UP ECU on a DE car what's involved with that?
  3. I have a 2005 Nissan 350z Enthusiast Coupe, the factory ECU in it failed and I took it to a mechanic who replaced it with a 2003 one. Since the 2005 model has factory wideband sensors and the 2003 has narrowband the car runs horrible and power is very unstable and dangerous to drive. I've had it off the road for 1.5yr now due to covid closing workshops nearby but now that things have lifted I just ordered a Nissan 350Z N350+ G4X since it says plug & play compatible. When it arrives what are my next steps? At the bottom of the product brief where I bought it says that it's not compatible with wideband sensors and I need to get an aftermarket solution? Is there a firmware fix for this or is this info still current that it won't work with my car? Do I need to order something like this too: https://www.z1motorsports.com/engine-management/haltech/haltech-dual-channel-can-wideband-o2-controller-kit-p-14560.html I see that Haltech have a firmware update that makes it compatible with the Link ECUs as per this post on their website: https://www.haltech.com/haltech-wideband-controllers-now-compatible-with-link-ecus/ Are there other sensors that are incompatible with this replacement ECU that also need replacing? The brief also mentions something about a MAP sensor being a requirement? Does the car need to be tuned on a dyno at a workshop or will an experienced tuner be able to dial it in from a home garage? Very annoyed that the original guy I took it to fitted the wrong ECU and I haven't been able to find any wreckers with a 2005 DE engine wideband ECU, only found revup ecus and 2003-2005 ECU made for non-wideband cars. Link should be the solution I hope albeit the more expensive route judging by all these addons I also need to purchase to get the car going again. What about throttle body relearn process with the Link ECU? Is there a full manual for this product somewhere?
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