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  1. Fue injector size fixed the issue I appreciate all your help ‘ cars runs like a beast time to have some fun.
  2. That’s weird that the injector set up that was giving when I downloaded the map from link I didn’t change anything you happen to know the stock injector size and how should the fuse system type be set too
  3. Running stock injectors fuel pressure at 61 using return line .
  4. here the base map and a log sample base map.pclr wont idle.llg
  5. Hi everyone just wondering if one of you guys could help me out with an issue that I have I have a link Monsoon G4+ plus on a Beams blacktop , Maf delete non E throttle with throttle body locked, using internal map sensor, engine fires up and start to run rough all sensor reading as it should no fault codes , if you try to give it gas it bogs down if I unplug the hose going to the map sensor on the ecu thw engine smooths right out I try perform the map calibration tps calibration and still nothing . Any help would appreciated it ohh and also I double the the wiring and all made sure that
  6. What you mean IDL I don’t see that in the wiring diagram for the beams
  7. Speed sensor is a three wire i think I got that figure out i just noticed my TPS is four wire
  8. Hey sorry to bother you again would you be able to help with the speed sensor wiring and also Tachometer signal to an external tachometer
  9. Does it matter which side of the VVTI sol goes to aux 1 and 2 meaning pos of neg side of connector I know the stock Ecu controls both sides of the circuit not sure which side the link ecu controls also I’m looking to have Ecu trigger fan and fuel relay any Input on that
  10. I’m running a blacktop
  11. Hello I’m new to this site and I was wondering what’s the bare minimum needed sensor wise to or run a monsoon on a beams engine It’s going to be wire direct from the link monsoon to the engine making a custom harness but I’m wondering what the bare needed to run we’re gonna be looking to run a lockout on the throttlebody if necessary to run oxygen sensor I know I got to use an intake air temperature from a GM is there any other things that maybe you guys can help me on engine is gonna practically stock any documents that can help to wire this this would appreciated it
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