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    Melted IAT

    I was able to get the correct wires where they needed to be and when I tested the connectors where my iat plugs into it gets 5v now, so I’m hoping nothing was damaged.
  2. Tomkun

    Melted IAT

    I wanted to verify that this is how it should be wired.
  3. Tomkun

    Warning Message

    Thank you, it works now!
  4. Tomkun

    Melted IAT

    Hey everyone so I'm in the process of setting up my ecu and getting it ready to go before I bring it to my tuner but I've ran into an issue. My car is a s14 with a rb25det swap with a wiring specialties pro harness using their IAT sub harness, and I'm using a g4x ngtr plug-in ecu. When I connected my ecu to my computer and get into pclink I put my iat source to an temp 2 and moved the pins 26 to 36 and soon after my noticed my iat melted the brown plastic part. After trouble shooting I realized that my harness previous had the 26 and 30 pins switch, so when I made the initial adjustment to my
  5. Tomkun

    Warning Message

    I'm having an issues with PClink, Every warning window that pops up when I try to do anything will have the options of yes and no covering the message. I tried installing pclink on a different pc and its giving me the same issue.
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