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  1. Took a look at it and the switches were in the wrong setting. Had to adjust the ignition about 220 degrees after that too
  2. Will take a look at that when I get home from work again. Thanks for your help. //Mattias
  3. I have tried but couldn't get ignition strobe tester to work in that mode. Will try again today and see if it works any better. Do I need to reset the Base timing all over again? Thinking as I couldn't get the timing strobe tester to work in that dip switch mode. //Mattias
  4. And also the rpm doesn't always stick to 2000, sometimes it sticks to 1500, sometimes to 3000. It sticks everytime I start the car. //Mattias
  5. Not running any idle control valve on the car because of space issues so setting idle with the stop screw on the throttle. But the issue seems to have something to do with triggers or trigger settings. Tried different values in trigger filtering and threshold. //Mattias
  6. Sorry about the late reply. Have had so much to do. Here is a copy of the map and a short log file. What I have noticed is that the car isn't reading rpm correctly and getting errors for trigger counts. Running the correct trigger wheel for the engine and it ran fine with the old ecu. Is it possible for the car to run with crank as cam and cam as crank? I have been switching those but it only ran as it is setup now. Log 28-04-21 5;34;07 pm.llg Subaru WRX V3-4 V88 Plugin backup1.pcl
  7. So I have got an Impreza STI V3 (1997) that I changed to a ViPec PnP ecu in. Having troubles getting it to run good. It misfires even though we have set base timing. Running fk0140 coil on plug but set base timing using a lead from coil to spark plug. Also having some trouble with tacho. When starting ignition i does the sweep but when the car is running the tacho sticks to 2000rpm and when looking in VTS Fuel Table1 and AFR Target also seem to stick to 2000rpm. So anyone who has got a working base map and any ideas about the tacho error? //Mattias
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