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  1. As of yesterday, the car starts and idles decent. I'm going to get a few other things buttoned up and I think I can get the car to the tuner Thanks to @Adamw and others for your help!
  2. Thanks for the reply Adam. I will make the changes today and let you know how it goes.
  3. So I was able to work with a friend on my no start issue, and we were able to get it to start, but we had to pull 30% fuel from the master fuel trim. Weird thing is, once it starts, its going way lean. I've attached the current map and the log of the car running. Two issues we have, in addition to the one above... 1. The idle surges, which we believe to be a vacuum leak, which I am going to try and sort out. 2. we cant get the TPS to read low enough for the ecu to actually try and control the idle. It constantly reads 7% regardless what we do. Even when we manually checked the
  4. stock 370cc Toyota injectors. Everything seems to be right and it tries to fire but never actually starts and idles. I know it's too much fuel because it smells horribly of raw fuel when trying to start. switching the fuel off pump and holding it WOT it will try to start.
  5. I noticed the voltage was quite low so I put a jump pack on it again. PC Datalog - 2021-04-23 1;40;05 pm.llgx Steve_Toyota_JZX100Plugin_eThrottle_workingMapWorking.pclx
  6. I'm getting readings on map now, but still no start. PC Datalog - 2021-04-23 12;53;03 pm.llgx
  7. Is there a way to set this up to run just the MAF like the stock ECU?
  8. So I was able to sort out my ethrottle issue but now I have a crank / no-start condition. Attached is my log and map. Can someone tell me what I've forgotten? I've checked the plugs, they are wet with fuel (brand new plugs) and have checked the spark and it looks good. Steve_Toyota_JZX100Plugin_eThrottle_working.pclx crank-no-start_.llgx
  9. Just to give an update, I have been away from the car most of the weekend, but was able to get the new TPS installed and I am able to get the throttle body to work correctly in the setup and on modes. It still will not calibrate through the auto process, but I am no longer getting fault codes on the ecu when the throttle sweeps through the full range of the plate in the on position. I will be doing more work this week to get it sorted out once I'm caught up.
  10. Just pulled the TPS and it looked like the throttle body may have pushed the pushed backwards past the stop somehow. I've ordered another today and hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
  11. With your help I was able to complete the throttle plate sweeps by changing the table axis to APS (Main). Updated map and log is attached. pedal sweeps_2.llgx Steve_Toyota_JZX100Plugin_eThrottle_test.pclx
  12. Sorry I didn't specify, I did load the base file he adjusted, tested and attached the log above. I wasn't able to get the throttle body to sweep when not using the calibration mode for TPS, so I wasn't able to provide the data he requested.
  13. That's when I receive the error, yes. The system will process through setting closed throttle, setting open throttle, and when "closing the throttle" at the end, it errors out and stays at 100% until I power cycle the ecu.
  14. I will take a look at this. I do have multiple throttle bodies on hand, and I've tried to run this on two different units. Regardless of what throttle body I connect to the ECU, it gives me the same result. This leads me to believe its still a wiring or config issue.
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