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  1. Damn it, this was totally my bad. I've mixed my wires because both looms had same colours. Your basic Uego table is spot on. Sorry for barking the wrong tree. This was the last loose end I needed to tie with my new ecu. You've been helpful and your product is great, I'll make sure it gains some popularity in my platform too. Thanks!
  2. According to my notes, the brown wire was connected to the green wire of the expansion connector 1 and the white wire to the blue wire of that connector. I guess it could be possible that it is faulty, though the gauge itself works fine. What I find strange is that it does respond well to the changes of the calibration table, so it could be adjustable.
  3. I've got the Evolink/ G4X Mitsubishi EVO1-3
  4. Another great example from the other end of the scale. The gauge shows 1.67 lambda and the pc link around 1.05
  5. Here we go with the latest log that has the built in calibration. For example the WOT pulls are around ~800 lambda, as I´m aiming towards 12 AFR on full e85 now. PC Datalog - 2021-04-18 2;04;40 pm.llgx stealth mgp 1.0.pclx
  6. I made a mistake on my message. So I meant 14.7, which I will turn back to tomorrow. I'll give you examples then too.
  7. Yes I do. I did it because of e85. Should I turn it to 12? I use lambda value instead in the pc link. Would that setting affect what the pc link shows?
  8. It's the X-series AEM Uego, P/N 30-0300 with a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor. Bought new from the dealer and installed simultaneously with the Link. I've connected it to the expansion connector AN Volt 5 and it's signal ground. I do know the calibration lacks sense on paper, it was done by trying to match the AEM gauge and the pc links lambda 1 reading on idle and reving without load. It's the only way I was able to datalog and adjust the lower fuel map. The attached picture shows calibration suggested by the AEM manual, it's end result is way off the what the gauge shows in every part of th
  9. I have the newest version of the Uego which was bought a few weeks ago. I´ve tried the predefined calibration table without luck and then started to experiment with the linear table to get it right. I still can´t rely on it at all, especially under load the logs are way off. Is there any method to solve this issue without the effort of manually measuring the 0-5V output of the Uego in every possible situation? I´d imagine something this popular should have the information readily available. PC Datalog - 2021-04-17 8;09;52 pm.llgx stealth mgp 1.0.pclx
  10. So far I'm pretty much out of luck tuning my car with the MGP Fuel table 1. Actually I can't get it to rev freely without the engine bogging down when I lightly touch the pedal. The car goes lean no matter what I do. On top of that the quick tune wants to adjust it to the leanest possible setting nevertheless what I set to the AFR/Lambda map. For example 0.800 lambda turns into +1.200.. The TPS/RPM option works fine though, I can rev it to +6000rpm with just the right settings and actually even drive the car. So I guess I'll just start my season with that and develop the pressure map
  11. Great info! My car is a Dodge Stealth RT/TT (3000gt VR4 equivalent) so I do have a plenum. The car ran with a piggyback before and the fuel map was TPS/RPM only. What I did learn yesterday reading the manual, the autotune used AFR/Lambda map to adjust the Fuel 1 table. IDK if they both need to use pressure for load in that case. I guess it would be beneficial for both maps to be with similar sources.
  12. Hi, I've started to dial in my car and diving in to the system and it's possibilities and there is one question I want to ask about fuel maps. According to my understanding, most stand-alones on my platform use a fuel map which utilizes the WBO and load (MAP) for adjusting, with the predefined AFR as a result. I'd like to comprehend the principle of two different fuel maps in the Link, and ultimately use them both correctly. For starters I noticed the instructions stating that turbocharged engines shouldn't rely on the MAP as the load source in the Fuel map 1. So now I have
  13. Hi, so double checking that this works in my Stealth/3000gt with the Evolink too, as the factory knock sensor is in the pin 58? I'll just turn it on?
  14. Wow, you nailed it! It's always the simple stuff that causes most problems and they often remain unnoticed in a diverse system like this. I just removed the ignition switch from DI2 and the car fired right up! I can't thank you enough, as I've spent hours after hours working on this issue.
  15. Here you go! Thanks beforehand. The log has several starting attempts. PC Datalog - 2021-04-12 8;00;58 am.llgx stealth 1.1.pclx
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