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  1. thorns

    16v 4age with ITB

    Thanks for the responses and info! I realise using the term 'simple' was probably a bit tongue in cheek. 99% decided on a Link ECU now though, just need to work out if I try it myself with assistance of friends, or pay someone to do it. Cheers
  2. thorns

    16v 4age with ITB

    Making something like this adaptor, https://www.mrpltd.co.nz/product/4age-20v-link-adapter-loom/ In simple terms, is it a case of just using the wiring pin out diagram from toyota, and matching it up to the appropriate link pins, and then adding any extras such as you mentioned above? If done correctly it should run once a base map is installed?
  3. thorns

    16v 4age with ITB

    Would you know anyone in NZ that makes either full harneses, or a patch harness to take factory ecu plugs into the link?
  4. thorns

    16v 4age with ITB

    HI, I am looking at installing ITB's from a 20v 4age onto my bigport 16v 4age and possibly using a Atom ecu. With the atom G4x, is there a patch harness available for this to make it a plug and play type of setup? Can I also run the atom with standard the distributor, or do I need to switch over to a coil on plug type setup? What other sensors should I look to add over the standard 4age, inlet air temp and a wideband sensor have been suggested, is there anything else I should add? If there is not a patch harness, how difficult is it to make my own patch harness given I h
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