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  1. Could something of shorted out, causing the ecu to flip the timing??
  2. Nothing had been apart. I had been installing a switch for launch control and my laptop tied while connected to the ecu, after that is when the issues started, don't no if that can mess with anything?? I have a Link G4 storm.
  3. Engine is a 4agze with the standard waste spark coils. Trigger setup is Multi-tooth and priority is trig 2, which from what ur saying then should be trig 1??
  4. Hi there , ive had 2 issues with my car. 1st issue was ign 1 and 2 switched making it not start, so i just simply switch the plugs around... Now when cranking the relay that powers the coils drops to 7.5v and the relay that powers injectors drops to 0v but both relays have 12v in. Ive checked all relays, fuses and have checked the resistance on everything and am at a loss to what is causing this.. Any thoughts most appreciated. Cheers Jamie.
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