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  1. Hi, Next issueS im having in my never ending build that im looking for a bit of help with. 1) Map sensor is a 4 bar link map sensor, set and configured in the software. At atmosphere (14.7psi) it is reading 1.15/6 Volts, however, the LINK MXG dash, says this equates to 100psi, am I missing something? (map attached) 2) TPS keeps losing its calibration, i use the TPS calibration and then store/save everything, then it reverts back to showing a default of like 11%. 3) Oil pressure sensor https://www.shopbhp.com/products/0-150psi-high-accuracy-sensor-with-c
  2. Thanks! I resolved this, the ignition output was reversed so it was firing the wrong plugs, then it still wouldnt start but i realised i had not put and scaling on the injectors. so we got it started! Thanks everyone
  3. Hiya, Trying to do the first start on my Subaru Impreza V3/4 PNP ecu. Brief spec - 2.1 stroker engine, with AVCS. Using a newage crank trigger wheel, 2 wire cam sensors. JTinnovation expansion loom for the solenoids etc all wired to the expansion loom on the link. Oil press, temp, water temp, IAT, Link can wideband, and 4 bar map sensor, 3 port boost solenoid. I have put a base map on and altered the settings to suit where i think they need to be. I can test the injectors using the test function and they work correctly, but the ECU will n
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