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  1. Check the voltage between A7/A8 and GND when power is on. If there are voltage, the wiring would be correct.
  2. Is the driver type of AUX4 set to Low Side? Are the other AUX outputs (e.g. warning light) working properly?
  3. Mach

    PC link

    1.現在表示している「燃料テーブル1」左上の「Unlock Settings View」を押し、ロック解除します。 2.ロック解除したビューを任意のセッティングビュー(Fuel Mainでも何でもよいです)に切り替え、再度ロックボタンを押します。 3.ECUセッティングタブから「燃料テーブル1」をクリックすると、新しく「燃料テーブル1」が表示されます。  ビュー左上の「Switch to graphic view」を押して3D表示に切り替えます。 4.元々表示していた燃料テーブル1のロックを再度解除し、「Alt + ←」を押します。 これで、グリッドビューとグラフィックビューを並列して表示できるはずです。
  4. Adamw, Vaughan, Thanks for your reply, I got it. I'll contact tech support.
  5. EVO3X, but I use it for Honda.
  6. 4 terminal ISC stepper doesn't work. How can I check the operation by sending test pulses or any else? The stepper resistors (between AUX5-6, AUX7-8) are about 40 ohms. ECU hold power is not wired so Stepper Reset is set to Key-On. I have tried Bipolar Reverse, or swapping AUX7 and 8, but they never work.
  7. Yes, this firmware works very fine I have tried over 10 times but the fault had never happened. As you said the first ignition is still delayed but nothing wrong, the engine starts up at 2 or 3rd sync. I did a test driving too, and it's also good. TriggerScopeLog_e07z-v62060.llgx
  8. I attach the triggerscope and same time oscilloscope. (expand : around the first ignition) Thank you, 0521_trigger_e07z.llgx
  9. Note : The first ignition pulse are delayed even when fuel is off. However it will be correct from the second ignition pulse. I suspect this much delayed ignition may be causing the timeout or fail.
  10. Thanks for your quick responce. I tried the new firmware. It is improved a little but still doesn't work well. But there is a finding. The ignition works correctly when fuel is turned off. However, when fuel is turned on, the missfire has occured as before. And also ignition timing seems to be delayed significantly (nearly 60deg) at cranking so the starter sometimes makes a dull sound. After the engine starts, the ignition timing is almost correct. Settings are Trigger Offset : 0deg, Lock Ignition Timing : 10deg BTDC Is this may not the trigger pattern issue? (Ignition timing?) I thought advancing the ignition table during cranking might be effective, but I was afraid so didn't test it. I tested about 8 times, the engine started twice. When startup success :
  11. I've tested the new firmware but it also didn't work... This time, the ignition pulse would advance one tooth per one cycle. Probably E07Z was replaced so I selected "Unused" trigger pattern. Trigger Scope didn't work so I attached the oscilloscope. (expand) And the hidden math block was found. Thanks,
  12. Unless you have a special reason, there is no need to keep the normal ECU. The trigger pinout seems to be correct before the change. It would be reluctor sensor, therefore no voltage would be output when the engine isn't running. (However, you may need to switch the +/- because Honda engine has reversed rotation direction.) I think the connection of LG1/2 is to GND (not shield). The wiring is different from my vehicle, so I am not sure.
  13. Yes, it only happens at start up. Once after starting up, it has correct spark and I can feel the excellent performance of LINK. Sometimes it does not start with dozen times of cranking. After that, turning the key off and restart the ECU, it may start. But I am not sure if this is due to the restart. I attached the map. One more thing I concern is that I can't find the Math Block in this test firmware. 0515.pclx
  14. Thank you for testing. I have also checked again. As you said, the crank starts turning, Pre-Crank Prime fuel(*) and the 1st ignition & injection work right. However, the 2nd and 3rd ignition & injection events are missing actually. After that, it work once every three times (2160deg). (expand) I tested more than 10 times and all with the same result,so I think this missfire makes harder to startup. Is this a hardware issue? *:I have the Pre-Crank Prime fuel set to off so am I right this is the First Crank Prime? I had thought that First Crank Prime isn't asynchronous fuel.
  15. Hi, I have been running E07Z trigger mode for 2 weeks, and it is working fine at high(8000)RPM. Thanks again. However, I have an issue. It is hard to startup the engine even when it is warmed up. (Need to run the starter a few times) At first I thought it was because of cold start setting, but i found out that injection and ignition pulses were not being output (or missing) due to a trigger error during cranking. Is there any way to solve it? TriggerScopeLog_e07z.llgx PC Datalog -e07z_egstartup.llgx
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