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  1. I'd like to get it on a dyno I've just had no luck finding one close to me, the other thing is I work Monday through Friday so I'm pretty limited on time
  2. I'm located in Colorado it's an 06 350z with a vq35de revv up engine
  3. I'm in desperate need of a remote tune for my 350z with a link g4x. I have a can lambda setup I just need a solid remote tune. Anyone out there that can help me out? I'm willing to spend a decent amount on a solid reliable tune
  4. Keane

    350z link g4x

    Sweet thank you Adam I appreciate your response!
  5. Keane

    350z link g4x

    I recently installed my link pnp ecu I was wondering how to install my link can lambda wideband. Do I use can1 rs232 for my input?
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