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  1. Quick question do I run 1 or 2 knock sensor regards
  2. Hi guys been reading and playing. It’s a really cool system. I’ve set the coils up and tested there working. Test the injectors there all working. TPS map isc ect iat oil fuel pressure all working. 2 questions now can lamb-da not sure where to calibrate 2nd wired Mac-35 boost solenoid to aux 3 and sensor ground. But not sure how to set it up
  3. Hi guys so I powered up my ecu the other day, and trying to navigate my way around pclink. I’ve be following the rb30 installation manual. I found the tps calibration. Which was just click tps cal. Open an close throttle. Done reading on screen. Done map calibration. Clicked map cal, and prompt came up say map cal done. on the config screen all my temp and pressure switch’s have power and showing voltage. Which I confirmed with the multimeter and voltage match the screen. Where do I find IAT cal, it’s a link sensor. I have links can-lambda with is turning on and powering up. But I don’t know where to find them. also I want to check the coil packs and injectors. To make sure everything is working before I wrap everything up. I’m just new to pclink and trying to get my head around. Cheers in advance
  4. Mint. Mate your awesome. How do you know so much. Really appreciate all the information you have given me so far. One more thing. I have hooked my pc up yet, cause I wanted to finish my wiring. Which once I get the tacho booster it should be sweet. But I looked at a few thread. but with pc link. I can hook my battery up, and check all the sensor injectors and coils before fully wrapping it up. I’ve got a dummy engine on a stand that I’m using thanks heaps
  5. I guys probably be said before but I can’t see it rb30 g4x. I’ve gone individual coils. And removed the power transistor where the tacho feed comes from. I’ve replaced the cas with proxy’s for the cam an crank. Would the wire going to the power transistor go to the crank proxy earth or signal wire kind regards
  6. Ok, so just hook up to pin 21. Cheers
  7. Ok, well in the vl plug and play manual for the g4x. It only has pin 21 for the knock sensor. Say nothing else about it
  8. Hey guys just ordered a link knock setup. Was wondering if it’s a stand alone system or if it can be wired in to the ecu so it’s running live with engine to control detonation
  9. Kirkwa

    DI5 and DI6

    No worries, thanks
  10. Kirkwa

    DI5 and DI6

    Would like to know what DI5 and DI6 can be used for
  11. Kirkwa

    Rb30 vllink

    Ok, thanks mate. I’ll let you know how I get on. Cheers for your time
  12. Kirkwa

    Rb30 vllink

    There is a shielded wire pin 3 on the MAF and the the power transistor has a white signal wire. But is everything else correct
  13. Kirkwa

    Rb30 vllink

    Hi Adamw Im doing as you said with the coils, and getting rid of all the extra wiring I don’t require. Since the r35 coils have built in igniters. the power transistor isn’t required any more, So can I remove this from the system. I’m using the coil + to feed the coils, earth to the block cause aluminium isn’t a good conductor?. Also I wired up the IAT from the AFM pin 1 an 6 and the can-lambda. I have wire it up using the power feed which supplied the MAF and the IAC. I’ve used the thicker earth that goes to the block from the ecm. And the can hi an low wire from (CAN 1/RS232) CAN1 L GREEN WIRE AND CAN2 H WHITE WIRE. my other question with all these signal wires left over, is there anything they can be utilised for kind regards. Cheers for the info
  14. Kirkwa

    Rb30 vllink

    Thanks a lot. Do Ls coils have built in ignitors. Because I was advised that could run the msd unit ls coils. But I went r35 set up because it looked neater. Thanks for the advise
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