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  1. Hi Adam, I was have a play over the weekend on the throttle (standard Ford unit), noticed the 5v was not fully pushed in and must have been me that pushed in in wrong damaging the pin. Ordered a new connector (as ever will takes weeks to arrive) that I am sure will fix the errant throttle. will let you know once it is running again. Cheers, Scott
  2. Thanks Adam, have a great weekend and will have this for you on Monday :-)
  3. As ever many thanks Adam, I will change over the wiring tonight and to be honest I did get an oscilloscope on the cam and crank before I wired them but suspect I still managed to get the wrong way round, it is a standard Ford sensor placed in the original location. Attached the base map, no changes from the original one you helped me out with :-) 790416129_ScottwDuratec2.3 first run.pclx
  4. Hi Adam, Attached 3 files. 2 PC log files under the same conditions on a short 15-second run, starts ok but very rough as you would expect with the rich running. (lots of black smoke once it stalls and when plugs are taken out you can see the unburnt fuel in cylinders ) Also attached a trigger file that is a lot cleaner than the other one. once again, many thanks - the intend was just to start and move before I send off to the tuners later in the year :-) Cheers, Scott PC Datalog - 2021-10-14 6;31;16 pm.llgx PC Datalog - 2021-10-14 6;41;02 pm.llgx Trigger scope 2.llgx
  5. many thanks Adam, will have a go tonight. Ya, I noticed the Alt was not charging, dropping that back to the shop is it was a recon unit and after testing rectifier not playing.
  6. hi Adam, The Map/ IAT working as you said it was the pin out!! Engine started, be it was prob only on 2 cylinder and of course running very rich. I've attached a Trigger scope be it looks very odd, also attached a log file for the short run which i hope helps, as ever it is the first time I have done a log file so hopefully i have captured enough data. Really appreciate your help :-). Scott log file try.llgx scott trigger scope.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llgx
  7. Hi Adam, Had a go at firing for the first time with no luck. Aside from a TMAP error that I have narrowed down to a faulty sensor (unplugged for now and in fault) i was am getting fuel pressure on the rail, sparking ok it does not appear to have any fuelling. Removed plugs and cylinder dry, Error log on cranking showing Fuel Calculation "Error Low"... Attached is the file - would it be as simple as the TMAP disconnected that would cause this? many thanks in advance Scott 790416129_ScottwDuratec2.3 first run.pclx
  8. hi Adam, really appreciate this, will let you know over the coming week how i get on. I had a play last week at calibrating the E-throttle which all seemed to go fine so should have no issue with updating this one. thanks again scott
  9. Thanks for the quick reply as ever Adam :-).... I'm learning and yes I was using save not store. as mentioned in no rush just wondering if you had any joy on the base map?
  10. Hi Adam, Question on the Dash - Link MXG Strada I've connected up to Can 2 and data is flowing no issue between the ECU and Dash - issue i'm trying to figure out is that every time I turn off the ecu and start again it does not appear to be saving the Can2 configuration, even though when I set up and save it confirms the changes have been saved. I've not set up the Can2 on the Base Map I sent over to you, just wondering if there is anything obvious other than just saving changes that I should be doing? Many thanks for your help Scott
  11. thanks Adam, again newbee at this - I was originally going to use an ITB set up with an E throttle but was steered to use the original Ford intake manifold to get the car through emissions testing before I start playing with new Cams and ITB's..... with the standard manifold having the idle valve I just "blindly" wired up :-)
  12. Hi Adam, sorry for the slow reply. Yes I have an idle control valve and also running an E-throttle (I'm at work at the moment, when I get home later I will send over pin out's for these - sorry thought they were already listed on the file i sent over :-( ) Scott
  13. HI Vaughan - took a while but narrowed it down to a faulty ECT sensor (brand New) - changed over with the Oil temp sensor and worked just fine on An Temp 1.. just to check put the ECT sensor on the oil Temp and it showed the same voltage... Last thing a newbe needs is faulty sensors to ruin my day :-)
  14. Many thanks Vaughan, did not have chance last night to dig a little deeper on the An Volt 1, sure my issue :-)
  15. HI Adam, Have attached the Base map, pretty much everything is working, though for some reason get -40 on my ECT which i'm trying to solve. basic engine info 2310 CC 9.7 to 1 Comp ratio 330cc injectors using standard intake manifold (ford unit) using a high set of exhaust manifold with a wideband Direct spark Fuel Pressure set at 40 Psi set the firing order already much appreciate your help, no rush so please no stress. Cheers Scott First try.pclx
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