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  1. engine swap using worked rb25det out of a r33 and put it in a r34gtt and it required us getting a new ecu g4x gtt plug in engine was previously running on old ecu have run through pre start configuration without many issues until trying to do trigger calibration when turning over the car we have no spark,trigger signal 1&2 have no signal and don't receive an rpm reading but can get spark doing and ignition test so no problem there settings are trigger mode (nissan 360 opto) and other settings are correct as per online manual have tried another cas sensor to confirm it wasn't a faulty sensor (cas sensor is factory nissan one) our 34gtt engine has a cas sensor that we tried when we plug that in and turn it by hand we receive trigger signals and rpm readings but they drives between the two sensors are different does anyone know what our problem is why the r34gtt sensor works but the r33 senor won't? cheers Dan
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