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  1. Ok thanks Adam, I will look into getting a B plug and shielded cable
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at everything and discuss the issues you raise with the tuner. On the subject of knock control the tuner also said that it wasn't working, I only have the A loom and when I looked for reason why the knock wasn't working I saw that I needed the B loom which has a dedicated knock wire so do I need the B loom to make knock work? Never heard of "flywheel supply voltage"?? Thanks again
  3. Hi Adam, Files as requested, thanks. clubman trigger scope.llgx clubman log1.llgx clubman tune.pclx
  4. Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply. I'll try and do what you asked tomorrow.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have installed an Extreme X onto a 3SGE Beams engine which is fitted into a Clubman (Lotus 7 Replica) Engine and ECU was fitted a while ago and it starts and runs, been on a dyno 3 times with 2 different tuners and neither can get it to run properly or tune it to make the power it should be making. My question is about the crank trigger, the setup say "3SGE VVT" but the trigger is actually from a different engine, to get the engine to fit we had to fit a custom sump which also necessitated fitting an oil pump from a 5SFE Camry engine and the 5SFE crank position sensor, offset is calibrated to -53deg which starts the engine. So if the setup says "3SGE VVT" but we are actually using a 5SFE crank pos sensor could that cause the engine to lack power and run rough? Thanks in advance Daryl
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