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  1. it turns over fairly easily without the plugs in, abit harder with them in. I cant imagine the engine is seized, it was running and driving well before i started the project. Its just been sitting on jackstands for about 2.5 years now, without being started. I also had the head pulled off for a clean and cams and the crank turned effortlessly. Ill check cables again but they’re all brand new.
  2. Leads me to my first youtube vid post
  3. Hey Adamw, been trying to diagnose some other new issues these last couple of days, in the process of trying to start the engine (basically a couple of days before i started this thread) im now at a point where the engine is struggling/not turning over at all now. Ive bought a new battery and starter motor and its basically the same deal. The engine turns over alot better without the spark plugs in, but when they are in its cactus. (See videos) Im trying to exhaust all ideas before taking it somewhere and paying someone else to deal with it, is there anything you can think of that may cause this? Thanks I cant upload the other video, too big combined…
  4. Ended up moving the battery back to the front temporarily and its getting spark on crank now. Was able to set the base timing correctly and now ive got to start messing around with the fuel.. its not starting with the current settings.
  5. ok so I have 12.5v at the number 1 ignition coil when the key is on, and it drops to 9.5v when cranked. Is that normal? or should it still be getting 12v while cranking? (my battery is boot mounted and have 2gauge battery cable running to 2 posts where battery used to sit in the engine bay, hope thats not causing the voltage issue)
  6. Yes, pulled the coil pack out and put a spare plug in it to test while im cranking the engine - no spark. ill get a multimeter on the coil to test it. should the ecu be showing the ignition and injection “on” and turn green when cranking? They stay off the whole time. Fuel pump goes green, isc solenoid too. Inj and ign look like theyre not being triggered at all on the input list.
  7. Hey Adamw, you're just the man i hoped would pop up. See attached, the map is the one that was in the running car but I've changed a whole bunch of stuff. Not sure if I did the log correctly but its attached too. LOG1.llg Supra File MODIFIED.pcl
  8. Yes, its reading the crank trigger. The fuel pump, isc solenoid turn on and green when i crank. The ignition and injection inputs dont. Are they meant to? Or do they turn on only when its running? Im missing something or ive got something wrong somewhere, just dont know what
  9. Hey gents, Finally come to the stage where i start up the jz, its a non vvti removed from an aristo into mk4 supra. Was running with the link g4 storm (metallic alloy case) ecu before removal only difference i made to the setup was: removed msd coils with 3 link igniters and went with r35 gtr cop, upgraded the injectors from what i think were 850cc sards to 1250cc bosch injectors, upgraded the cams from stock to 264* which i dialled in myself (fairly confident it’s correct). Like a complete donkey, i went and started playing with all the settings (following instructions from the link manual setup and forum info i found here) but didnt save the original running file first. I have all the inputs placed properly in the ecu, tested ignition and injection and they work fine under TEST MODE but trying to use a timing light to set base timing i have no spark on crank. I may not have injection on crank either, TEST MODE activates them (big backfire if i test inj and ign after) but since neither INJ or IGN turn green and show “on” when cranking I suspect both are not firing when im cranking. Im all out of ideas so if someone could help id much appreciate it.
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