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  1. JMP

    CAN information

    just set one of the switch conditions to your CAN DI in the same method as Adam has shown above
  2. I'd be running a system file scan and then applying all pending windows updates as a start. If it persists after that analysis of the crash dump file will give more clues a) Press Windows key + X, select Command prompt (Admin) to bring up elevated command prompt. b) In the command prompt type the following command: sfc /scannow and press enter. c) After the scan, restart the computer and check if the issue persists. Once the scan is done, restart the computer and ensure that the computer is up to date with the latest Windows Updates.
  3. Is anything recorded in Windows Event Logs when it crashes? I'd expect something to be logged in either the Application or System Event logs which will point you in the right direction
  4. Thanks guys, working nicely
  5. next thing I'd like to confirm, is the CAN ID in PCLink in Decimal or Hexadecimal format? With both PCLink and the Blackbox set to ID 400 it didn't work, the BlackBox uses a hex ID
  6. awesome, I'll give it a shot and report back
  7. Hi, I'm helping a friend finish off his project which involves a G4+ Xtreme and Moristech/Black Box P30 PDM. Final pieces of the puzzle is switching the thermofans and fuel pump over CAN. The documentation from Moristech is basically non-existent for their CAN Input so I'm hoping someone here could provide some guidance. My plan was to send Virtual Aux status' over CAN for the switching of the thermofan's and fuel pump, but would like some feedback on if this configuration looks right before I go back to the car for the final touches. Thoughts on Link CAN config: And an example of what I think might work in the PDM CAN Input section: Any feedback or examples of what others have done would be appreciated, here's a quick video of the car in question
  8. E2 is the sensor ground that matters, connect that to the Link's sensor ground. E1 goes to the head so it can go to one of your Link Power grounds Here's a bit of a pinout I did for a Storm on a ZZE122 1zz Corolla a while ago which might be useful for you
  9. you've got way too much dwell in there, this works well for the ZZE corollla coils:
  10. you'll need to add a terminating resistor at the end of the bus as detailed in the CAN Lambda manual
  11. in my race studio, the digit font size is 54 for the speed on that page, the unit font is size 18. What happens when you try and set the digit front to 54?
  12. Does the dash lock up at the splash screen when the internal resistor is enabled and can connection disconnected?
  13. when I make 1zz patch harnesses, I wire the IGSW (B08) pin to the MREL (A21) pin so the main relay is powered on when the ignition is switched on. The ISCV gets its power feed from the stock harness, so you only need to have the RSO (D18) pin connected to your Aux output. For the VVT OCV+ (D24) pin, I patch that into the +B (B16) pin. I never have any backfeeding issues
  14. JMP

    PDM Unit advice

    you can use any of the AIM dashes with the PDM32, they just connect over CAN like normal. You can buy the PDM32 independent of either of the pdm-specific clusters or the GPS module. I opted for the 10" display with mine as it's way better than my old MXS strada
  15. I've never had the 1zz mode work on any of the 1zz's I've done, have always had to use the 2nz mode
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