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    JMP reacted to Adamw in Ecu to pdm via can   
    Yes you can do this a couple of different ways.
    One option is; In the ECU you still assign the function you want to an auxiliary output - lets say as an example we set up engine cooling fan on Aux output 1.  You dont physically connect any wires to aux 1.  You then use the "A1 (status)" parameter to send to your PDM over CAN.  The Aux status parameters are sent as follows:  0 = OFF,  1 = OFF,  2 = ON,  3 = FAULT.  You can use the Multiplier/divider/offset to scale that into numbers that your PDM wants.  For instance if your PDM wants 0=off, 1=on, then you use an offset of -1 to get that.
    Heres an example:

    An alternative option is very similar to option 1 but use a Virtual auxiliary rather than a real auxiliary - this allows you to keep the real auxiliary output free for doing other stuff (you only have a max of 8 virtual auxiliaries however).  Set up the virtual auxiliary just like you would set up the normal auxiliary, then send parameter "VA1 (Status)" to the PDM.  
    Here is an example for a Virtual aux set to fuel pump. (note the ECU will still handle the normal fuel pump prime logic etc):

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    JMP reacted to wastegate in Link user CAN help   
    Update, HGM fixed the firmware and now have gear change request. 

    Thanks Adam on the torque reduction strategy, works a treat. Just need to fine tune it. I've reduced the IGN trim retard a little as I don't have 20 degrees of timing in some spots and it's getting retarded too much and seems to spike boost. 

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    JMP got a reaction from Dave Kriedeman in Introducing RealDash - A Dashboard App for Android & Windows   
    you should contact the realdash developer to get it addressed, you can find the datastream layout in the link help file under "Technical Terms and Reference > Communications" where it states DI1 through DI6 speed streams are transmitted in KPH.  Gear position is also sent in the stream so it's up to the developer to get it sorted, not Link Support
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    JMP reacted to remski2 in Engine wont rev to redline under load   
    Your TP voltage is spiking to 11V at your 110% TP. 
    Most TP systems operate a bit below 5V.

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    JMP got a reaction from Nate in 2jz gte vvti in G35   
    The missing tooth looks to be in the same position as the  retaining tab when the keyway is facing straight up
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    JMP got a reaction from Nate in 2jz gte vvti in G35   
    kind of common for people to damage the teeth on JZ crank sprockets when they remove them but dont remove the tab on the intake side of block first, usually ends up ripping the trigger wheel off the back of the sprocket
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    JMP reacted to Adamw in Too high VE issue   
    I dont see much wrong with the set-up.  As above, turn off IAT trim and the 4D table as a start but I dont think these will solve the problem. 
    If it were mine the next step I would take is a basic flow test on an injector to confirm it is actually 1000cc.  You can get a pretty good idea just by connecting an injector direct to a battery and holding it open for say 30seconds and measure how much fuel you get.  You can usually just hose clamp them in a piece of hose, dont need the rail etc.
    And I would try to confirm the fuel pressure with a gauge or similar - just to confirm the sensor is reading correctly.  I have had mislabeled sensors before.
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    JMP reacted to MichaelR32GTR in Link fury wideband issue   
    Problem solved !
    new “resistor” spark plugs went in 
    ecu logging is off aswell
    and wideband doesn’t drop out and works perfectly 
    thanks once again !
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    JMP got a reaction from MichaelR32GTR in Link fury wideband issue   
    wouldn't happen to be running non-resistor spark plugs?
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    JMP got a reaction from Adamw in Link fury wideband issue   
    I'll bet that's your problem, tons of EMI from non resistor plugs
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    JMP got a reaction from TechDave in Mixture Map   
    my understanding is Overrun Fuel cut > 0.5 will only show cells where overrun is active.  I usually set mine to show Overrun Fuel Cut < 1
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    JMP got a reaction from TonyJ in ECU for 1ZZ   
    K's are stored on the cluster, if they're not showing there's likely a fuse blown.  ECU is not needed for the heater to function
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    JMP reacted to Ducie54 in Weird firing order   
    Having it wired incorrectly will cause confusion when trying to configure knock control.
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    JMP got a reaction from Fotis in Injector dead time   
    probably not useful for you but as an indication I've got the following :
    290cc 1zzfe injectors have a deadtime of 0.608msec at 14V
    349cc 2zzge injectors have a deadtime of 0.93msec at 14V
    But as posted above, you can start with around 1msec at 14V and then vary the system voltage adjusting the deadtimes at each breakpoint to maintain consistent AFR.
    I've got a big DC power supply that I connect in place of the alternator when doing that part of the calibration
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    JMP reacted to Mario Schneiderbanger in Requesting: S2000 Factory Coolant Temp Functionality   
    Update: I was able to Use 3 Virtual outputs with ECT based conditions to vary the cluster output. It doesnt make use of all the bars since im out of conditions on the Physical Aux but its enough to know when the engine is warmed up. and overheating.
    May be able to add another Virtual aux to expand 2 more variables.
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    JMP got a reaction from TechDave in At a loss with fuel map tuning   
    revisit the grounding for the LC2
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    JMP reacted to Richard Hill in Introducing RealDash - A Dashboard App for Android & Windows   
    Any update on serial stream availability for current storm ecu? 
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    JMP got a reaction from Volcom86 in What is wrong with my tune?   
    on a second look this morning, your tuner has also used both the charge temp approximation table and the IAT Fuel Trim Table, without much correlation between the two. Same with using modeled fuel mode and the warm up enrichment table is still in use as you would in a traditional fuel mode setup.   whole map/config likely needs revisiting
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    JMP got a reaction from kenola_oil in Tacho signal to high voltage AE86 tacho   
    yes, I've done it many times.  Follow the attached guide and it will work perfectly
    ae86 gze tacho translated final.pdf
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    JMP got a reaction from Simon in [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)   
    they're listed in the help file with the new version
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    JMP got a reaction from Godschylde777 in Wiring Questions for Gracey   
    Nitrous activation would likely go to one of the DI inputs, pressure switch could go to a spare DI or Volt input, all depends on what you have spare in your ECU configuration
    If you're connecting the innovate analogue output to the ECU, you would use one of the spare Volt inputs
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    JMP reacted to xbores in Introducing RealDash - A Dashboard App for Android & Windows   
    Thank for Realdash developing such a powerful app that I don't have to buy expensive AIM racing instruments.
    My car is Subaru GRB, ej25 with link G4 + thunder. I developed a protocol conversion module using STM32. Then can convert the Can signal of the link G4+ into a Realdash protocol, and then connect to the mobile phone through a TTL to Bluetooth module, so as to display almost all the data on the mobile phone (as long as the PClink can display).
    Welcome to exchange

    SM-A6050_20181227180733.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNeBGatmBSc
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    JMP reacted to Adamw in Introducing RealDash - A Dashboard App for Android & Windows   
    Here you go:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPn3zpsxhdV-DI1p5D
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    JMP reacted to deepfriedbutter in Introducing RealDash - A Dashboard App for Android & Windows   
    I need this! 
    Please include support for the Black Storm!
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    JMP got a reaction from AbbeyMS in Toyota 86 CAN   
    AGT Engineering has all the data for them, he made his own boxes of tricks for engine conversions: https://www.facebook.com/AGTEngineering/
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