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  1. The latest firmware 6.19 has change to stop the code on power down. Its only of concern if it is generate during normal running of the throttle.
  2. Simon

    G4X Tach output

    It should show active once you have RPM
  3. Relatively confident we have a solution for this unfortunately it does require a hardware change, Units will need to come in to the nearest office for the work to be done.
  4. hello please can help injectors are not opening while startup on monsson ecu ls7 stock injectors 

    thank  you 

  5. Flick an email in to tech@linkecu.com and we will give you all the info, It can be shipped in to the UK office / support but ultimately the repair will be done in NZ.
  6. Can safely say that diode is not ok. Rest of the ECU is likely fine biggest impact will be idle speed control. But we can repair and then check the rest of the board if you were to send it in.
  7. No the V88 didn't support down shift blip. Only cut on upshifts.
  8. Looking at that log all the voltages crash 12V, 5V, battery voltage. I suspect it might be a broken joint on the pin the micro uses for a voltage reference. You could try warming the ecu up with a hair dryer to see if you can induce the issue. ECU temp / operation should be fine up to 60degC
  9. Can confirm that is running Flyin Miata firmware and PC link is not compatible. I think they did their own logging software to suit.
  10. It will need a bottom board revision to resolve this. The bottom board has been unchanged between G4, G4+ and G4x. It is ear marked to be revised in the future.
  11. With it powered up can you try run the firmware upgrade. This can run even if PC link wont connect.
  12. Simon

    Lambda 1 Error

    Sensor has been wired with the factory connector on the sensor, so 6 wires on ECU side and 5 off to the sensor?
  13. Yes it has two independent sensors one for MAP and one for BAP
  14. The M50 will use multi tooth missing mode. 60-2 on crank and cam level (copy the set up from the plugin base map)
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