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  1. The lack of the sticker is likely to make it pre PC Tuning. Only way to know for sure will be with a hand control to check the firmware.
  2. 1. Correct connect a switched 12V supply to one side and the other back to the ECU aux. Are you talking the VVT control or the cam lift? Cam lift could be off a single output provided each solenoid is only drawing an amp or less. If more then a amp then a relay can be used. The VVT solenoids must use separate aux outputs.
  3. If you are seeing 5V across the injector during the Test then that would suggest the ECU is applying a ground. Do the injectors fire if you pulse 12V directly across them? (unplug the injector and jump 12V across pins of injector)
  4. Direct to the ECU from the manifold is correct.
  5. Trigger scope signal to me looks good. But the log is showing the trig 1 error counter jumping up to 5 at the point of the miss. Assuming the trigger scope was done at idle You could raise your arming voltages I would also check the plugs are resistive, leads are 100% (no suspect crimps or wire damage) check the cap and rotor for any signs of tracking.
  6. The change in voltage level between on and off is not what would be expected. The voltages you mentioned when it worked are more what we would expect. 12Vish to 0ish It could be there is an issue with the gas levels or the pressure switch. But it is an issue outside of ECU settings.
  7. Simon

    G1 in an R33

    Yep the current MAC valve we do would be fine to use with a G1.
  8. Other (linkecu.com) Any of the dealers will be able to get these
  9. On the MX5 adapter the injectors are paired. What you should see is that when testing drive 1 or 2 you will have 2 injectors firing at a time in a pair. Injector 1 test should fire Cylinder 1 and 3 injectors. Injector 2 test should fire Cylinder 2 and 4 injectors. Check on the adapter if you have connection between Pin 1 and 3, and Pin 14 and 16
  10. If you have a 3 spare AN volt inputs and 3 aux outputs it can be done via a remote E throttle module. There is no way to upgrade the G4 beyond the last of the G4 firmware (4.10.2).
  11. Suggest updating firmware to latest as there is a fix for this type of issue. PC Link Software Downloads | Link ECU
  12. Can you flick us a msg on the tech email. tech@linkecu.com Would like to know the ECU serial number and the PCB Rev numbers.
  13. It looks like a solution to this is to shift where the driver is located. If you move the ftd2xx.dll file from the C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X\Link USB Drivers\i386\ftd2xx.dll folder to C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X
  14. G4+ Fury Sample.pclr This file will make a very good starting point as its off our test car (BA) Wiring wise hit up the PC link tuning software help file.
  15. The Mazda 3 mode would suit that pattern. Regards Simon
  16. Its a hardware limitation on the Evo 3 plugin due to there being additional components attached to those outputs from the top board. It is something that can be looked at when the EVO 3 bottom board gets a redesign. Ign 5 and 6 are direct to the XS header and have no additional hardware attached on the EVO 3 board.
  17. The latest firmware 6.19 has change to stop the code on power down. Its only of concern if it is generate during normal running of the throttle.
  18. Simon

    G4X Tach output

    It should show active once you have RPM
  19. Relatively confident we have a solution for this unfortunately it does require a hardware change, Units will need to come in to the nearest office for the work to be done.
  20. Flick an email in to tech@linkecu.com and we will give you all the info, It can be shipped in to the UK office / support but ultimately the repair will be done in NZ.
  21. Can safely say that diode is not ok. Rest of the ECU is likely fine biggest impact will be idle speed control. But we can repair and then check the rest of the board if you were to send it in.
  22. No the V88 didn't support down shift blip. Only cut on upshifts.
  23. Looking at that log all the voltages crash 12V, 5V, battery voltage. I suspect it might be a broken joint on the pin the micro uses for a voltage reference. You could try warming the ecu up with a hair dryer to see if you can induce the issue. ECU temp / operation should be fine up to 60degC
  24. Can confirm that is running Flyin Miata firmware and PC link is not compatible. I think they did their own logging software to suit.
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